World War Fashion

World War Fashion

What was fashion during the World War? This is not to mock what happened before but to become creative on how women probably from the army stayed fashionable (despite the rules). Doubtless, one would never think about these during the actual event. I just had this idea when I saw these army-like pictures of Ms. RJ Turner.

World War Fashion - Fashion Concept Photoshoot | RJ Turner

Le proud and standing straight. I just love how this was taken. Firm and unwavering. That is how I view this. Her make-up also gives an additional resolved aura. The suit is also perfect plus that army jacket that served as her cape. (more…)

World War Fashion - Fashion Concept Photoshoot | RJ Turner

She was like commanding an army with her head held high. Although her sunglass blocks her eyes, I can tell her firm stare behind. And speaking of sunglasses, who would not like those aviators? Not me.

World War Fashion - Fashion Concept Photoshoot | RJ Turner

Enticing. Her eyes have this charm. I can’t tell nonetheless if she is smiling. It just feels conceiving.

World War Fashion - Fashion Concept Photoshoot | RJ Turner

It just felt lonely and alone on this photo. Maybe the picture effect made me feel so.

So, what do you think? Is this the kind of fashion any women would have during those time? I think it is. Army jacket + high pumps = stylish army lady.

Model: RJ Turner | Photo: Sheehan Photography


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  1. Crystal Marie Canete

    Cool outfit! You look like a Superhero in that one and it's chic too!

    1. Marinella

      I am not the model.

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  3. Ricalyn

    i love the outfit:)

    1. Marinella

      That's just great. (^_^)

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