Why You Need to Have a Car Now

Why You Need to Have a Car Now

There was a time when cars were viewed as wants–not really as a need. Would the stay same true today? Here are some reasons why having a car is relevant today than ever.

Having to Commute is a Huge Hassle

Unless the transportation system in your country is top-notch, then the same goes for you. Having to commute to work is a huge hassle and sometimes, it will take you 1-2 hours just to get where you have to go.

woman standing on the train platform

Take the city of Manila in the Philippines for example. Many people spent 2-3 hours of their life in the road trying to go to their work. That’s just their commute in. And when they go home, they have to spend another 2-3 hours of their time on the road. Imagine 4-6 hours of your life trying to find a ride, stuck on the traffic and standing the bus.

It can be a little bit easier during weekends, but during weekdays and rush hours, it would be impossible for someone who’s not used to this set-up to go through it. You’ll never want to experience this again.

By having your own car, even by having used cars for sale, you can plot the best way to get to your destination. There are apps like Waze who can tell you roads and streets where there are less traffic, and alternate routes. If you have a car, then you can have a more comfortable life on road.

You Can Bring Anything (and Everything)

When you are going somewhere and you have to take the bus or the train, you tend to think just how many things can you bring. Bringing this folder, and that laptop bag–add that backpack and that plastic bag, and you’ll look like you’re going on a backpacking trip to the mountains.

mini brown opened suit case on large suit case

And just how much you need to bring these things, it can be be hard to commute with them. You have to take the cab. If the cab won’t decline you, then you might have the chance.

You Can Be Anywhere You Want

Let’s face it. This is what anyone wants.

Concrete Rail road

Everyday, millions of people are traveling to work, to school, to the park, to the grocery, and elsewhere. These places, as important as they have to be, it can take hours to get there by feet. But if you have a car, you can go to the beach easily. Or do a short trip to your friends house in the middle of the night.

Do your research and find the car you’ve always wanted. You can search honda prices in Nigeria or just type in you search bar the car you have in your mind. Do your fair share of research and you can find the best car for you.


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