If your AC unit has suddenly developed a habit of freezing over, you need to begin making plans to have it looked at by a technician. There is nothing normal about this problem and it will only continue to get worse. Below are a few of the main causes for frozen coils on your AC system.

Why Is My AC Frozen Over

The Problem with Ice On the Coils

If the house is heating up suddenly and upon investigating you find ice coating the coils, there is a problem happening that needs service. Many people misunderstand the layer of ice and think that somehow it should cool the home better. It basically renders the AC unit completely ineffective. The ice coating the surface of the coils keeps the heat exchange from happening that actually provides the cool air for your home.

Low Levels or Ineffective Refrigerant

The refrigerant within the coils is what cools the air that is directed at them. having levels that are too low to make a difference will create the perfect situation to build ice on the surface. You will need to have a technician find any possible leaks, repair them and refill the system.

Faulty Fan

When the fan is moving too slow, or not moving at all, the system will tend to freeze up. Airflow has to be steady and consistent or there will be problems. You will need to have this part replaced for proper function of the AC system.

Clogged Air Conditioning Filter

A dirty and clogged air filter can also be the cause of freezing of the coils. You are not getting the proper amount of fresh air into the system and it will probably mean that the coils are dirty. A coating of dirt and grime on the coils will not allow the heat transferral to happen as it should.

Rapid Cycling

An AC unit that turns on and shuts off too soon in rapid succession is subject to freezing up. This might indicate that you are trying to cool too large an area for the given unit. You may have to upgrade to a larger unit or add window units to assist in cooling.

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