Why Baseball Fans Are Flocking to California This Summer

Why Baseball Fans Are Flocking to California This Summer

California has always been a popular place to vacation. Not only is California home to Disney Land, but there are literally hundreds of miles of beaches and no end to fun in the sun. However, for baseball fans California is the place to take a vacation this summer for several reasons. Imagine getting up in the morning to a warm coastal breeze and then dining al fresco from the balcony of your hotel. Imagine waking up in San Francisco to the sound of streetcars still in operation to this day and the prospect of a day touring amazing landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge. Baseball fans will have perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a live game at two of the nation’s top ten best MLB ballparks.

Why Baseball Fans Are Flocking to California This Summer

See the Padres Play at Petco Park, San Diego

Not only is Petco Park in San Diego ranked 5th by Baseball America as one of the best parks in the country, but it is also home to the team that signed Manny Machado to their roster. Just announced within the past few days, this four time All Star and twice coveted Gold Glove Award winner has signed on to the Padres. His contract is recorded at $300 million and for a period of 10 years.

This is the time when all you fantasy sports enthusiasts will begin projecting how the Padres will fare with the addition of Machado to their roster. Games like Imagine Sports will be busy with fans adding him to their teams and seeing how well he performs against greats from baseball history. Yes, with the addition of Machado to the roster, San Diego will see more than the usual tourists this summer. Just don’t get so involved in the game that you forget to visit the beaches, of which San Diego can boast some of the nation’s finest there as well!

Oracle Park, San Francisco – Home of the Giants

Ranked as the best park in the country by Baseball America, Oracle Park could, at one time, have been one of the worst due to its tight ‘footprint’ in San Francisco. However, the designers of this amazing park turned all of that into something magnificent. Yes, it’s tight but it’s also located in such a way as to have a magnificent view of the bay. Although a Giants game is never going to be boring, that view makes for something to pass the time between innings and those minutes leading up to the opening pitch. If you are into fantasy sports, you will adore San Francisco’s park because of all there is to see and fantasize about once there. Complete with artifacts and bits of history, fans will be swept back in time to the Golden Era of Baseball.

As a fan, there probably isn’t a better reason to visit California this summer. So, start building your team at Imagine Sports and then get your tickets for a once in a lifetime opening game in the Golden State. What a summer this will be!


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