Where Can a Nursing Career Lead

Where Can a Nursing Career Lead

Nursing is a career that provides a wide range of opportunities, and as the industry is ever growing, there are also jobs available in different nursing disciplines. With the growing population and a larger proportion of older people who often need more medical care, diverse nursing skills have never been more in demand. If you are training to become a nurse or are already working but looking to further your career, or want to see if nursing is a job for you, here is an overview of some of the specialties where you could develop your skill.

Adult Nurse

Caring for adults who are ill or injured or have chronic medical conditions. Nurses help with practical aspects of patient care, administrative tasks such as maintaining patient records, as well as following the expected protocols set by the employer.

Pediatric Nurse

Like an adult nurse, a pediatric nurse help care for children who are ill, or injured. Pediatric nurses should feel a rapport with younger patients who may not be able to explain how they feel as well as an adult. This would be a route to consider if you enjoy working with children.

Community Health Worker

With a nursing degree, you can work with the community to visit patients in their homes and provide them with nursing care and advice. You may also be supporting the more vulnerable members of the community. Learn more about what being a community health worker is like, and the responsibilities you may have if you choose this aspect of nursing.

Mental Health Nurse

This aspect of nursing helps care for those who suffer from mental health issues and could be assisting them in their day to day life, or helping them to learn how to cope with having such conditions. Other parts of mental health nursing could involve addiction and drug rehabilitation.


A degree in nursing could help you become a midwife, although more training would be required. Midwives offer advice and support to pregnant women throughout gestation all the way to the birth. They may perform routine health checks on the mother and unborn baby, identify high-risk pregnancies, and assist women through labor. They may also offer aftercare, such as helping new mothers to breastfeed.

There are also other careers where a degree in nursing may be useful, such as a social worker, health service manager, university teacher or a therapist. What’s more, there are many Texas nursing careers available for those who wish to start a career in healthcare.

A career in nursing is rewarding, as you really get to make a difference and benefit the lives of people who need medical help. Another good thing about starting a career in nursing is that as you learn, you will develop interests in different aspects of caring. This helps you focus your career on the things that feel natural to you, allowing you the freedom for self-development. With a background in nursing behind you and the sheer variety of different careers available in this evolving industry, your skills will always be in demand.


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