Being a fashion enthusiast, I have been to different fashion websites, forums and shops. It has been always a thrilling experience to me to find new dress inspirations, shoe addictions and meet a bunch of similar people who love fashion like me.


WGWT: The Evolution of Fashion

Last month, I discovered another but unique fashion community. WhatGoesWithThis (WGWT) aims to help ladies discover what is best for them for the best. Unlike other fashion community, sharing your fashion inquiries here has become interactive.

If you want to ask a question, you can easily post a related image for reference to readers. Those who want to answer your questions on the other hand can also give you suggested images so you can visualize their ideas better.

What’s more, WGWT is also affiliated with famous brands like Forever 21, Shopbop, and ZARA. I personally shop in Shopbop so I find WhatGoesWithThis really helpful in my shopping experience and fashion confusions.

Their selection of clothes is too good to pass. I love their bridal and cocktail gown suggestions. Don’t you think that blue dress above looks glam or what?

Behind WGWT

I started WGWT because I think shopping is more fun with friends. Especially stylish friends.

The founder of WhatGoesWithThis established this website because she believes that “that putting outfits together is an art form”. Looking and asking for suggestions are are essential to find that perfect match. And there goes WGWT, innovating the fashion community to help fashionistas on their quest to the perfect style.

If you are interested, head on to WGWT and find that perfect fashion piece you have been searching for.

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