What is a wedding planner and why are wedding flowers important

A wedding planner or wedding coordinator is  a qualified professional who assists in planning and organizing a wedding. You can find at theweddingspecialist.co.za/wedding-flowers-cape-town information about selecting suppliers and venues, managing budgets, creating the theme and decor, overseeing every detail and coordinating the event itself. The wedding planner is involved in every step of the wedding. He ensures that everyone is well organized by creating a plan for the event, making sure that it is respected and that everything goes according to the project.

A wedding planner has several roles at the same time: sister/brother, mother/father, coach, therapist, accountant, negotiator, fashion and decoration expert, food critic, make-up artist, problem solver and professional organizer, all at the same time. The wedding planner can plan the entire wedding from the beginning to the end or supervise the organization and give advice. Help the ladies develop the wedding theme they chose, saving them money and especially time. A coordinator will do all the running around of a wedding, so the bride does not have to do it herself.

A wedding planner means different things for each couple, and the job as a wedding coordinator will be as diverse and unique as the couple I’m helping. Every couple will want to deal with various issues and will want to deal with different things. It is possible to go with a bride looking for the perfect dress, the other bride will only want advice on how best to buy it, and the other will make her dress on order, and I will have no say on this. I may be asked to be present at each meeting with the suppliers or will only have to recommend them to the most suitable suppliers for them. Depending on the situation, I will have to give them moral support or guide them in the right direction.

A wedding planner can plan every detail and be present at the wedding to coordinate the ceremony and reception to make sure things go according to his plan or can be involved only on the wedding day itself.

A wedding planner wears different hats

That’s why the wedding planner must be able to solve problems as quickly as they appear or even predict them before they arise. Also if you believe it or not, it will always be something that will go wrong throughout the day. How well and how quickly the problem can be resolved will affect the number of people who will or may not know about it.

When a problem arises, it is a relief to know that there is someone with proactive personality who can stay rational and focused. The wedding day is so emotionally charged.

Even if you have the time and you want to organize this particular day, it is a good idea to have a wedding planner to coordinate the wedding day to make sure everything is ok, and every supplier does the things you want. A wedding planner will have all the contact details of the vendors and make sure they arrive on time and keep in mind every aspect, so your day is perfect. Check out this URL.

Those who pay attention to the budget when it comes to flowers that make up the floral arrangement have, at least according to the season, at least one herb that is affordable and which can be the star of the arrangements. If we talk about a spring wedding, we can no doubt speak about tulips. A bouquet of tulips, all in one color, or multicolored, depending on the theme of the wedding, in a simple vase, are an arrangement that gives color to a table and the whole hall.

For the summer season, lavender, a flower that has a fluorescent period in July-August and even September, is increasingly trendy, but we can find it even earlier. Moreover, for the autumn it is already like a fashion to have sunflower tables.

In a thematic wedding, each of the three flowers can find their place, alone or in combination with other herbs, whether we are talking about vintage, rustic, classical or modern wedding.

The roses also remain, regardless of the season, a solution that relieves the future bride of headaches and emotions, because this flower never fails. Those who want a more extravagant wedding can opt for orchids, whose prices are considerably higher than those of roses.


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