What are the Qualities of a Good Concealment Holster?

What are the Qualities of a Good Concealment Holster?

It is important to have a good gun holster. Some holsters are not designed for concealed carry weapons. There are other holsters that are not considered safe either. Here are some important features that you need to look for in a concealment holster.

Secures the Trigger

A high-quality holster will cover the trigger guard. Some low-quality triggers guards are made with cheap materials that fail to cover the trigger. A trigger cover is important to prevent an accidental discharge. Your holster should be made with sturdy materials. You want to find a holster with leather or molded plastic materials.

Great Retention

The main duty of the holster is to keep your firearm in place. A firearm should be placed in the holster and remain there until you pull it out. This is the definition of retention. If your weapon is loose or falls out, you need to adjust the holster’s retention. You can adjust the retention with a turn of the screw.

Properly Conceals

You want to make sure your weapon is always concealed. There are many different ways to carry your holster. An appendix carry is the most popular way for many people to carry their weapon. You also need to consider your body shape as well. A shoulder holster, ankle holster, and pocket carry holster are other ways to conceal your weapon.

Good Grip

You should always be able to get a good grip on your weapon. If you cannot grip it properly, you need to find another holster. You should be able to draw the weapon without any interference. Interference can waste time and could mean the difference between life and death.

The main job of the holster is to keep the gun secure. Retention protects the gun from falling out. Concealability keeps the weapon hidden from sight. You must decide between hard or soft materials. Hard materials can leave a mark on your gun. Soft materials may allow moisture to get on your gun. You can find a concealed weapons holster to match your particular needs.


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