Ways to Protect Yourself When Online Dating

Ways to Protect Yourself When Online Dating

Whilst online dating can potentially connect you to the person of your dreams, it is important to know that with anyone and everyone being able to use it, you may encounter dangerous individuals. Here are a few ways to help protect yourself when online dating.

Ways to Protect Yourself When Online Dating

Know the Fakes

It can be easy to be lured in by an attractive profile picture, a great mini-biography, and a seductive opening message. However, it is important to recognize when someone is genuine or a catfish. The main way to identify the validity of a person is their pictures they have posted. If all their photos look professional as opposed to candid and amateur, there is a good chance the person messaging you is not who they say they are. Websites such as tinyeye.com can help validate the authenticity of pictures, which can help save you time in the long run.

Don’t Fall Victim

When you first start chatting with someone new, it can be refreshing and exciting, but it is essential you look at the context of your conversation and whether it feels genuine. There are many scammers that use online dating toengage and steal money from users. The typical way they do this is by providing you with a sad story and how they need money to be able to get through a rough patch. Unfortunately, many have fallen victim to this sort of scam with some ending up handing out thousands of their hard-earned money.

Never Share Personal Information

Just like with your finances, never share out any personal information such as your phone number or email. Whilst we want to think that everyone we talk to is genuine and while you may think that ‘it’s only your number’, there are people out there who are able to use these details to track you down all the way to your home address. Naturally, this can be a frightening experience,so you must ensure that you stay safe when engaging with users, to avoid any possible danger.

Report Profiles

If you feel someone is not genuine or you are getting abuse from a user, the best way to tackle the situation is to report the profile. Many dating websites give you the option to block or remove a user, as well as writing to them to explain your experience, so the more people that report and block, the more chance the user will be deleted.

The Risks

Whilst there are many success stories regarding online dating with many couples going on to have children and get married, there have been cases that haven’t been as fortunate. For example, a father killed his young child to appease his love interest, who he had met on dating app Tinder. Whilst this is at one event at the extreme end of the spectrum, it is important to acknowledge that dangerous and heartbreaking consequences can occur through online dating. More of this story can be found here on middaydaily.com.

Whatever online dating website you go on, always make sure to stay safe, be alert and aware of any possible dangers to ensure you have a good overall experience and are risk-free from dangerous situations.


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