Want to Keep Up with The Latest Fashion Trends? – Do It Yourself

Want to Keep Up with The Latest Fashion Trends? – Do It Yourself

Every season new style trends come out that you might be eager to try out for yourself, if it wasn’t for them costing so much. And as soon as something new becomes stylish, it’ll only be a few months before the craze dies down. So, if you want to stay trendy, in most cases you had better be willing to keep shelling out loads of cash. That is, unless you refer to DIY Experience and get helpful tips on how to keep up with every new trend as it comes out, but you won’t need to go to the department store to get your new digs. Here is a complete run-down on the kinds of pieces you can make yourself as well as the trends that you can recreate.

Want to Keep Up with The Latest Fashion Trends - Do It Yourself

Do-It-Yourself Jewelry

Ever want to buy one of those beautiful bangle bracelets that feature delicate charms, but you can’t stand the thought of spending big bucks for a single piece of jewelry? All you need to buy are the actual bangle bracelets, which can be made of silver, gold, pewter, or even nickel. You can find unique charms at a resale shop, online, or even at flea markets. Simply slide a few charms or beads onto your bangle bracelets, and you’ll have a stylish look that can’t be priced.

Handmade Accessories

All you need is some fabric, and a needle and thread to make your own neck scarf, turban, or funky belt. Scarves can be square, triangular, or rectangular shaped. Mark up your fabric to reflect the proportions you want, get a pair of sharp fabric scissors, and cut out the base for your scarf. Use the needle and thread to create a small hem around the edges and you will have a versatile scarf that you can wear anywhere. Turbans can be made from any stretchy material, and belts are also quite easy to assemble yourself. Take the afternoon to make yourself some new, stylish accessories and you will have as much fun making them as you would have going shopping.

Altering Separates to Be More Stylish

Any trendy style you see is still based on a basic essential. Low rise jeans can be made from regular jeans if you know how to alter them correctly. Love v-neck t-shirts? Find a regular t-shirt, cut a V-shape into the neckline and you’re all set. Add rhinestones to your favorite jeans jacket if you love bling. It’s all about taking the clothing that you already have and making a few clever alterations to make them more trendy. Make sure that you have a sewing kit that is stocked with pins, different colored thread and needles of all sizes. Once you start getting a lot of use out if it, you may need to upgrade to a full sized sewing machine!

Fashion forward people are usually quite creative themselves. Even if you don’t know how to sew very well you can still make a purse out of a pair of old jeans or learn how to do your own bedazzled nails. All it takes is having an eye for fashion and a steady hand.


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