Dyeing hair isn’t a new conception and has actually been around since ancient times when plants where used to change the color of ones hair. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that synthetic hair dyes became a thing and people flocked to that not knowing just how harmful they truly were. Thankfully, the hair dye community is starting to come full circle and embracing plant based hair dye once more. Keep reading to find out the benefits that these natural hair dyes provide.

Vegetable Hair Dyes: What Benefits Does it Provides?

Safer for your Hair

One of the biggest benefits that hair dyes that are plant based provided is that they are safer for your hair than their synthetic counterparts. Synthetic hair dyes are packed full of chemicals that damage your hair. Just read the back of any commercially produced hair dye and you will see a long warning label. Vegetable based hair dyes, however, contain no harsh chemicals and won’t damage your hair.

Use While Pregnant

Synthetic hair dyes, which contain a wide array of chemicals, strictly prohibit pregnant women from using them since their ingredients may have an adverse effect on their unborn baby. This isn’t an issue with vegetable based hair dyes, which can be safely used during pregnancy. This is a huge plus for expectant mothers who desire to dye their hair while still maintaining the safety of their unborn child.

Less Structural Damage

Anyone who has dyed their hair before knows just how damaging synthetic hair dyes are, especially with repeated use. The chemicals in these toxic dyes will break down your hair structure causing it to be brittle and unhealthy. Plant based dyes, however, cause no damage and won’t change the structure of the hair. In fact, these safe hair dyes are actually good for your hair. The conditioning and beneficial ingredients leave your hair strong and silky soft.


One of the great things about vegetable based hair dyes is that they’re not permanent, which means you can change up the color whenever the mood strikes you without the hassle of bleaching. In fact, most hair dyes made from plants come out after only 10 or so washings.

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