Uniforms For Housekeepers

Uniforms For Housekeepers

The housekeeping staff of a hotel is important because they make sure the rooms are clean as well as the hallways where guests and other employees walk. The housekeeping staff can wear uniforms in order to maintain a separate appearance from the rest of the staff. These uniforms are often simple in design, but they are functional.

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Most housekeepers like to have pockets so that they can keep small items that they need for the rooms, like keys or trash bags that fit in the bathroom cans. Other items like small toiletries can be kept in pockets while the housekeeper is going from one room to another. This will help keep the hands of the housekeeper free so that other work can be done and other supplies can be carried into the room. A name tag can be added to the front of the uniform so that other employees and guests will know who the person is in case they need something. When each department has a different color of uniform, it makes it easier for those in management to tell the difference between one group of workers and another group. A simple smock shirt with a few side pockets is ideal for the housekeepers of a hotel. Order now for the best selection of uniforms.

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