Many people have been beaming about their New Year’s resolution for 2017. True enough, setting goals for your life makes the rest of the year memorable and definitely worth looking forward.

I find that the best way to do this is by reflecting. Reflect on your thoughts. Reflect on your deeds. Reflect on your previous experience. Doing so will help you realize what you did right, wrong and worth spreading to the world. Reflecting is also a good way to know yourself and treat yourself right for all the challenges you’ve conquered the previous year.

Treat Yourself Right

You’ve had your first heart break. Failed your first quiz. Missed the last train so you had to commute your way out. You were stranded in the rain. You lost a life. You cried your heart out.

Treat Yourself Right this 2017

You passed the final exam last semester and now you are off to graduate this sem. You learned how to cook that delicious chicken meal and attended the concert you’ve been always dreaming of. You met new friends and had the best adventures with them. You visited new places. Tasted the best meals. Made the most out of 2016.

You’ve had your ups and downs. But whatever happens, there’s always something worth celebrating for. For 2017, you should learn how to treat yourself right. For all the glory and sadness, here are some simple ways to treat yourself the best you can.

Buy a Meal at a Fancy Restaurant

Most of your days were spent eating at the local carinderias where you can have inexpensive meals. When you go out, you try to sport cheaper alternatives like Jollibee or McDonalds for the endless of time.

This year, try out a new taste. Many restaurants have started to find their way in the food guides and┬ácatalog charts. They come in variety–from that special roasted chicken to that luscious creamy pie, the list is endless.

Coffee and a Wallet

Have an Extreme Makeover

While many people have convinced you that simplicity is the best policy, you have the choice to listen to them or prep yourself up to become the best possible you for you.

Ditch those baby bangs and go for the fringe. Cut out those locks and sport a long bob. Cross out dyeing your hair brown from your wishlist which has been ages since you last wrote it down. Be careful though, these are things you need to do professionally. Consult your local salon and let those experienced hands handle your precious self.

There are things you can do yourself though like learning how to put on makeup. There are thousands of tutorials at Youtube for a start. You can buy your beginner makeup kit using a Sephora Discount Code for a price that won’t ruin your pocket.

Spend the Day with the Person You Love

Let us put emphasis on “you” here. I know there could be different reason why you have chosen to ignore this. Sometimes, we take these people for granted knowing they will not leave us anytime soon. But life can be a thief.

Spend the day with your loved ones. Give them time. Show them how you love them. It doesn’t have to cost you anything or be expensive. For one, you can use Zalora Voucher Code to buy the pretty black dress for your sister, or that sparkling picture frame for you mother. Why not take your brother or your boyfriend to the restaurant to try out the local cuisine. You go DIY and build that awesome paper craft you saw on your feed. It doesn’t have to be grand. The most important thing is your presence and the moments your shared together. Give yourself the moments rightfully shared together with genuine fun and happiness.

Treat yourself right this 2017.

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