Every summer, girls are always busy buying new swimwear for beach trips while guys are doing their last-minute gym. Because of these activities, people often times overlooked what the essential things they should be doing instead.

Top Summer Essentials | Ball in the Pool of Summer

A month before summer, everyone should have start preparing the summer essentials they would be needing to stay chic and protected under the sun. Because summer is already here, I present to you my list of the top 3 things I must have this summer.

  1. Sun Block – We know that during summer the sun is not on the normal temperature. Yes, it’s really hot during summer. Or that’s atleast what I know. It’s still pretty cloudy, not really hot these days. But, expect the weather to change abruptly. If you don’t really want to get so tan when class starts again, better be ready. To prepare with this, we have to have our sunscreen ready. It’s best if we apply a lotion with atleast SPF 15, but better if SPF 30. I heard that those with more than SPF 30 can offer you more time on sunbathing yet it won’t give you additional UV protection. But regardless, UV rays can still penetrate your skin, remember that.
  2. Hat – Sunny days not damage only our skin but also our hair. But don’t let it get your way. A hat would be the best solution. Also, there are a lot of choices. There are sun visor, beanie, top hat, fedora, you name it. I’m sure something would fit your taste. A plus because it could also protect your precious face. A total handy!
  3. Sunglass – Your eyes are really sensitive. That’s why sunglass is part of my summer must haves. Besides, I’m not used in using glasses because some may think I may look weird wearing this all of a sudden, so this summer is the perfect opportunity. Be sure to choose something that would complement your face shape for a perfect awesome statement.

That’s my top 3 summer must haves. I still have a list of things I should have but they’re definitely the must. I’m also eyeing to have cute ponytails that would match the season, sarong — which comes in fashion during these time, and an awesome swimwear.

How about you? What are your summer must haves?

Image Source: pasotraspaso