Top Money Saving Tips for Early Vacation Fashion Shopping

Top Money Saving Tips for Early Vacation Fashion Shopping

It’s never too early to start buying a new wardrobe for your next vacation! In fact, the earlier you start your clothes shopping, the easier it will be to spread the cost, allowing you to put more money away for your travels rather than having to spend a lot of it on vacation clothing nearer the time. Along with that, starting early allows you to take advantage of more sales, deals and special offers on the items that you want. We’ve put together some top tips for saving money and getting the best deals on your vacation clothing shop.

Top Money Saving Tips for Early Vacation Fashion Shopping

Tip #1. Know Where You’re Going:

Whilst buying your vacation clothing early is a great idea, it’s better to know where you’re going, or even have your trip booked, before you start hitting the shops for clothes. This way, you’ll know exactly what kind of garments you need to buy – for example, you don’t want to stock up on bikinis, only to decide that actually, you’re going for a city break in New York! Check out some of the great travel articles at This Blog Rules for inspiration on where to go for your next trip.

Tip #2. Search the Sales:

If you’re going to be off on vacation in the summer, bikinis and summer women dresses might not be something that you’re thinking about buying during the winter months. However, this can actually be a great idea since they’re less in demand, so there’s a better chance of you bagging them for a cheaper price. Check out the sale sections of your favorite e-commerce fashion sites; chances are you’ll find some of last years’ items at cut prices as they’ll need to sell them quickly to make room for the next season’s stock.

Tip #3. Shop Second Hand:

Many people enjoy buying a new wardrobe every time they go on vacation, leaving them with barely worn items that they might never buy again. If you don’t mind wearing pre-loved clothes as long as they are in good condition, then buying second-hand could be a great option for you. For example, you could look at eBay or Shpock to find items that are no longer needed but in great condition, to get them at a much lower price than in the stores.

Tip #4. Keep Receipts:

If you’re going to be getting started as early as possible with your vacation fashion shopping, then it’s a good idea to keep hold of all your receipts as you never know if you’ll find something that you like better. Most fashion stores will have returns policies that allow you to return your items within a month or so, with some offering longer time periods for returns. This means that if you find an item that you prefer to one you bought earlier, then no problem – you can simply get your money back for the old one instead. Bear in mind that in certain situations you may only be able to exchange for another item or store credit, for example if you bought an item in an end-of-line sale.

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