Tips To Keep Your Eyes Beautiful and Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Eyes Beautiful and Healthy

When we meet people for the first time, we notice their face, and hence their eyes. The eyes are the most expressive and prominently noticeable features in the face, and tired eyes with lines and dark circles under them are more off-putting than anything else. Sparkling, lively eyes give a great first impression, and say a lot about your health as well. Apart from the aesthetic value of beautiful eyes, it is also important to keep the eyes healthy, and to take care of the eyesight. Here are some simple tips you can follow to keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

Tips to Keep your Eyes Beautiful and Healthy

Get enough sleep

A major drawback of 21st-century lifestyle is the hectic schedule followed by most people. For the eyes, and the human body and mind as well, to be well rested and healthy, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is encouraged on a daily basis; no more and no less. Too much sleep makes the under eye area puffy and too little sleep causes dark circles, lines and fatigue in the body.

Drink  two towater

Drinking three liters of water a day, particularly in hot and humid weather, is recommended to flush out toxicity, keep skin clear, and keep eyes healthy too. Drinking enough water helps to firm the skin around the eyes, and also maintains the moisture level of the eye, which is important when blinking and to get rid of dust and foreign particles.

Balanced diet

A well-balanced, nutritious diet will do wonders to keep up good eyesight and keep the eyes healthy. Omega 3 oil, in particular, is very good for the eyes – it helps keep dryness away, maintains eyesight, takes care of the drainage of fluid in the eye and protects from glaucoma.  Fish, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, eggs, lentils and nuts are part of a good diet for healthy eyes.

Regular check-up

Make sure you visit a trusted eye care professional for regular check-ups of your eyes. If you already wear glasses, make sure the power of the lens is right for you, and if you wear contact lenses, make sure you clean them properly, store them correctly and hygienically to avoid infection. Even if you are not visiting a professional, keep yourself updated with health tips from online information portals like Council Chronicle to benefit your eyes and body as a whole.

Give  eyes some rest

Most people these days are habitual computer users, as it is a pre-requisite for a lot of professions. The internet can be addictive, and as such, the millennial population and young children are often found glued to their smartphones, laptops, tablets and/or TVs. It is important to avoid looking at the glowing screen for a prolonged period of time, as that can considerably damage eyesight, and cause tiredness. One may switch to reading paper in good lighting whenever possible, and limit the use of such electronic devices as much as possible.

There are simple remedies to help soothe tired and irritated eyes, but prevention is more advisable than cure. With the tips mentioned above, you will have no trouble keeping your eyes shining, happy and healthy!


Mary is a millennial who works as a part-time freelance writer. She's trying to realize more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle while learning Spanish on her vacant times.

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  1. Penelope Smith

    This is some really good information about keeping your eyes healthy. I liked what you said about how you should get checked regularly. That does seem smart especially if you have a history of glaucomas.

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    thats very helping for me to keep my eyes better. thanks for your blog, keep posting

  3. Simon Warner

    Good post, this adds very useful information on how to keep eyes healthy. Regular eye checkup is really an important thing which everyone should keep in mind. I think that protecting our eyes with proper eye gears will also help to maintain good eye health.

    We recently have done a page about eye health tips to maintain good eyesight.
    Sorry for the link but we thought it might be helpful.

  4. srivari

    Sleep also repairs your brain at night. When you lack sleep, it’s harder for you to learn, make decisions and solve problems. If you do not get enough sleep over time, your mental health can deteriorate.

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    The fact that you can establish a workout routine and change your body provides confidence in other areas of life.

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    In our busy lives and schedules, and among all the numerous commitments and obligations that we have going on, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

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    This article have been very much Useful and Informative. But I would like to add that a good night sleep also plays a major role in over-all eye’s health !! And a appropriate mattress is necessary for better sleep recovery

  10. Nicole Pilland

    I have already lost my eyesight by working most of the time in computer. Nowadays I have taken a glass by the doctors advice. Hope your ideas will help me a lot.

  11. Adam Golightly

    My aunt is thinking that her eyes are having a harder time because she is spending a lot more time in front of the computer because she works at home now. She would really like to get some help from a professional to get some products to care for her eyes. I liked what you said about how she can keep her eyes moist and helps firm the skin around the eyes when she drinks more water.

  12. Grace Gibson

    Transformorganic what should be eaten before the check up, what have to be worn and so forth. Your physician will provide you with facts about all such queries earlier than the check.
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    Thanks Mary for a beautiful post on “Eye Care Tips”. This is very useful for people looking for healthy eye care.

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    Thanks for telling me that drinking around three liters of water every day keeps my eyes properly moisturized. I feel like they’re too dry at times even if I haven’t used any gadgets, so I’m thinking that there might be a health issue that I’m not aware of. I’ll try increasing my water intake then I’ll visit a nearby clinic for proper eyecare.

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    health tips for students. Students are the gold of a country.
    So they have to maintain their health. good information

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    Informative article. Well explained. Especially these days, we must keep our EYES healthy where we are always using mobiles and laptops. Nice article.

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