Tips in Using Beauche Products

Tips in Using Beauche Products

You have probably stumbled in this article while looking for a Beauche review, or perhaps, you are browsing through my list of how to get rid of pimples. Whatever the reason may be, you are in the right place.

Beauche for a Pimple Free Skin

Beauche products are popular in the market today. Most of the customers I have seen buying this product usually do so because they have heard this can help in removing their pimples. I, for instance bought this because my friend recommended it when she noticed that I was having an acne breakout. That story was reserved in my previous article about Beauche beauty product review.

Tips in Using Beauche Products

How I Used Beauche

If you have been reading Beauche’s guidelines on how to use their product, then you are in the right track. Like any other brand, there are different ways they recommend on using their products.

Steps I Do Differently

As much as I want to follow the instructions from Beauche, there are some instances when being different is the better option for me.

Beauche Rejunevating Cream

  1. Like instructed, I tried applying ice in my face in the morning. For three days, I did just that. However, my face was peeling already, and I can’t take too much cold. I stopped right then on from doing this part. Maybe this part is too unconventional for me, so I skipped it. Whatever the reason, my fight for acne just went on fine without this step.
  2. I apply the exfoliating cream once a week. Unlike what they instructed in their label, I used this cream at most once a week. This product is responsible for the peeling of the skin. I have classes every day. Going in school with your face peeling off just looks bad.
  3. I apply the exfoliating cream every Thursday night. In congruent to above detail, peeling takes time and at least, would last for three days. When you apply the cream, peeling would not take effect until Friday afternoon (or night) in my case. This routine works fine with my schedule.
  4. I used a different Day Cream when I finished my bottle from Beauche. Based on my observation, Beauche Day Cream makes your face shiny and gives it a hint of redness. My lifestyle does not work for this one. When I finished my bottle, I started using Nivea cream. This worked better for me.

Beauche Tips

Now we have run through the thing I did differently when using Beauche products, now, let’s list down some tips that you may find helpful in using this brand.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap

  1. Always use moisturizer. I noticed when I used Beauche Beauty Bar Soap that it makes my skin dry than usual. I did nothing about it because I hoped that dry sin would make my pimples dry out faster. Worst decision. It just made my breakout worse. It you do not want to irritate those pimples, follow the golden rule for your face: MOISTURIZE.
  2. Do not use makeup (as much as possible). Some people might find it impossible not to use makeup. But trust me. Makeup on peeling skin equals worst look ever. Peeling would look so obvious and aside from that, you would look like trying too hard on using cosmetics.
  3. Use BB Cream or liquid mineral foundation instead. In my case, powder foundation does not work when you have pimple breakout. That was when I shift to using Maybelline Super Mineral Foundation 24. When I want to wear something light, I use Maybelline BB White Cream. I won’t tell you they could hide the peeling in your face but these foundations don’t look a bad as powdered foundation when applied.

I hope these suggestions I detailed above will help you in using Beauche. I could make this article through pure experience of using Beauche kit and was part of my journey in how to get rid of pimples. After a good number of months, I’m glad that my fight over acne has ended. Today, I’m battling these ugly scars.

If you have questions, or if you want to share with us your story, comment them down below.


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  1. beth adolfo

    What is the original color of rejuvenating cream and how to use it,thanks!


    Hie Marinella..for me..scars also went off slowly when i just continue using beauche..for dryness..i always apply the pink cream whenever its too helps..but well,we all experienced different result as i believe what we consume also plays a big part besides beauche..stress life also will add on to it..when i cut less on sugar drinks and eat a balanced diet.i was flawless!Cheers!

  3. arlyn

    hello, i just used this & im peeling, can I used coconut oil? please let me know

    1. Mary

      I haven’t tried using an oil for the peeling. I used Nivea moisturizer. But you can experiment on the products if you want. We have different skin type after all.

  4. Kim

    Hi!!! Gusto ko lang po magtanong since ginagamit niyo po yung exfoliating cream once a week.. Paano po yung the rest ng product ginagamit niyo din po ba? Yung mga toner?

    1. Mary

      After I finished the whole set, I stopped using the rest of the products. I bought the exfoliating cream again when I felt the urge to get a fairer skin–because I think it worked for me.

  5. Rose

    I’ve started beauche set for almost 2 months but still my pimples getting worst and i dont know if it is normal,I’ve followed the instruction how to used it but until now my pimples break out still worsen.. let me ask do i have to stop using it?

    1. Rose

      I want to ask also how many minutes I have to apply ice on my face every morning?

      1. Mary

        I did not do that part of applying ice in my face. I just skipped that.

    2. Mary

      Hi Rose. I can only speak based on experience. Maybe Beauche is not working for you if you haven’t seen any good experience within those 2 months.

  6. Henrietta

    I have pigmentation all over my face can I use the set Please?

  7. Regine

    Hi! I am using just the toner, exfoliating and rejuvenating cream and I’m having worst breakouts. My skin is peeling off and umitim ako. Is it normal? Or should I also use the soap?

  8. Tyra

    Hi nasa japan po ako at mejo lumalamig na im a beauche user for 6mons just want to know kung pwede ko ba sabayan ng ibang brand ng moisturizer yunh beauche kasi pag winter mejo dry yung beauche ? Thankyou sa sasagot.

    1. jane

      is it okay for 17 y/olds the beauche bar soap

  9. Kritty

    How long does a peeling off of skin takes place by using of beauche on which situation until days or weeks???n

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