Three Great Ways to Monetize a Fashion Blog

Three Great Ways to Monetize a Fashion Blog

Fashion blogging is a genre that cannot be termed as a unique one. There are plenty of fashion designers and experts who have set up their blogs to entertain, educate, and guide viewers in the world of fashion. This activity is usually done so that they can earn money from their blogs. If you are reading this blog, then you too have thought of monetizing your fashion website in your mind. However, the key to making money from a fashion blog is not that simple. You will have to keep your audience entertained and curious about your posts. It is not always possible to come up with unique ideas for the blog posts. Thus, the following three ways can assist you.

Three Great Ways to Monetize a Fashion Blog

Becoming an Affiliate

Bloggers have been using the method of affiliate marketing for many years. This marketing strategy involves promoting the product or service of a company on your website in exchange for a commission. The method encompasses linking of the products and services that you are mentioning in your blog posts to the original seller’s online store page. This way, a purchase made by the reader, who clicks and buys the product from the seller’s site, results in a percentage of the amount for you. You can implement multiple ways to promote the products/services of the seller so that the profit can be increased for you. You can check more about affiliate businesses at

Image advertisements

This method is probably the easiest and the most common of all. All you need to start showing ads on your website is by developing enough content first. Your content, which is fabricated around fashion products, will automatically show image ads related to fashion. Thus, your readers will be eager to click on the ads that feature products they are interested to check. Every click earns you a certain percentage. The amount earned is less compared to affiliate links, but it will still help you start monetizing you fashion blog.


Once you gain enough readers and a dedicated fan following, then it is time to move to the fashion product sponsors. These private companies pay you directly for promoting their products and services. The compensation is much better compared to other methods on the list. Do note that some brands do not necessarily offer you money for the promotional activities. They may even send you goodies, instead. Therefore, you will have to come up with a favorable deal with them to initiate any marketing activity. Some may also ask you to be a part of their promotional campaign. Thus, you can then travel to various places with their marketing team to promote their products, while appearing publicly in front of a crowd.

In a nutshell, it can be seen that the road to earning through a blog is not easy. It does have its ways, but it takes time to start with the monetizing operations. The key is to work dedicatedly in improving the quality of your blog content and waiting for organic traffic to reach you.


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