The Wedding Cake Tradition

The Wedding Cake Tradition

All the preparations have been done, your dress is ready. The wedding cake’s been ordered too. It’s how you want it to be. While some couples have started going for wedding cupcakes as they can be ordered with multiple flavors and cost less than traditional wedding cakes.But traditional wedding cakes are still in demand and have become more dreamy, interesting and are paid as much attention too as the wedding itself. There is so much to choose from but in case you haven’t got one designed yet, check out where to get one, or want to check all cake prices, there are tons of resources online.

So if you are someone who has always wondered why traditional wedding cakes 3 are tiered, here is a little bit of history on the same.

The Wedding Cake Tradition

Stories Behind the Wedding Cake

A wedding cake’s three tiers are not there just to make it look pretty, sitting there on the table. There is a whole tradition behind it. Every tier has its own significance; the topmost layer being the most special. The bottom layer is for the guests present at the wedding, it is supposed to be served to them. The middle layer was to be distributed post event. The topmost layers were to be saved for the first child’s christening. In older times the wedding cake was made out of a fruit which could be saved or kept for long periods of time. And this event followed soon after the wedding. In fact, the layers were made as high as possible and if the couple were able to kiss over it without toppling the top layer they were considered lucky. Some couples still choose to save and freeze the topmost layer, to be eaten on their first anniversary. There was also tradition of a separate groom’s and bride’s cake. Some people still follow this tradition and get a creative groom’s cake a la Ironman or Transformer themed.

Cake Tradition

Another tradition is to cut the cake together. A task the bride and the groom do together as a couple. It is mostly the last event in the ceremony. It typically marks an end to the wedding ceremony. Possibly to let the guests know that it is time to make a move. The tradition was that the bride would cut the cake herself. But the cakes became heavier and more elaborate it is believed that the bride had to enlist the groom’s help. Though this does not sound to be the case, no matter how heavy the cake any bride would have managed well. But the cake cutting by the couple provides a great photo-op and is a sweet closure to the ceremony.

White icing has not given way to more creative coloring; it was a norm in earlier. The reason though was very practical the icing was made of sugar, which was white. Gradually it became a status symbol as expensive the sugar more white it was.

Well whichever cake you select keep in mind the number of guests you are feeding.


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