The Top Tom Ford Sunglasses for 2015

The Top Tom Ford Sunglasses for 2015

Tom Ford offers extravagance combined with the ability to showcase distinction. The sunglasses from this collection will express the glamour that this designer is known for: unlocking your sex appeal while giving you a daring appearance. During the 90s Tom Ford eyewear begin a transition, one that has resulted in the high octane, sensual style that we see today. This is most evident with the Cat’s Eye sunglasses, which have become his signature. Below are some of his newest selections.  Check out Red Hot Sunglasses for an even bigger selection.

Photo by Maegan Tintari

Marlon Navigator

These blue coloured sunglasses have that classic appeal, and are comprised of a 58 mm lens with a bridge width that is 17mm. Designed for men, these sunglasses convey a confident, yet cool demeanour.  Wearers get complete UV protection, and as with other sunglasses from this collection, the Marlon Navigator is produced in Italy.

Saskia Oversized Sunglasses

This feminine pair of sunglasses was designed with a shape that is a bit upswept. It is best worn by women who are looking for a retro, yet fun look. It utilises a large silhouette and can be purchased in either blue or violet. The lens is grey in colour, and both a cleaning cloth and case are included.

Wrapped Square Sunglasses

These sunglasses feature a rectangular shape combined with an oversized appearance. They make use of a wrapped style which means the user gets increased eye protection. One of the most popular sunglasses in the Tom Ford collection, the Wrapped Square is the ideal choice for those who want to display elegance, sophistication and prestige.

Edward Navigator

These sunglasses are best described as being stylish and streamlined. The frame is rectangular, but only slightly so. It is the modern version of the classical aviator look. Like the Marlon Navigator, it has a 58 mm lens with 17mm for the bridge, but is beige in colour. These sunglasses will provide a serious look for serious men.

Criss Cross Butterfly Sunglasses

Women who want to unleash their inner celebrity need look no further, as the Butterfly Sunglasses will do the trick. Named for the lenses which resemble the wings of a butterfly, the nose bridges for these sunglasses are unique in that they cross each other, forming an X-shape. It is this bridge which has given a modern look to this classical style. The logo for Tom Ford can be found on the temple, which shows off the brand to everyone who sees it. The lenses are 59mm in width.

Anoushka Cat’s Eye

This is the style that made Tom Ford famous, his signature look. The Anoushka offers a retro feel similar to the Saskia, but it has been toned down considerably. The black colour gives these sunglasses a higher degree of sophistication, and they have been given the name Cat’s Eye due to the shape of the lens.

Whether you’re male or female, Tom Ford sunglasses will give you that refined, sexy look. This designer has been able to showcase both fashion and seduction in his work, teasing while hiding and revealing simultaneously.


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