The other day, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed when I saw an article about Liza Soberano. It contains a throwback picture of the young actress in highschool during her prom night. She was with a guy with a bunch of their friends wearing prom dresses in the background. I think it was a really cool picture showing that innocence and happiness from time immemorial of highschool days. Because of her being one of the most successful teen actresses in the country today, some may have already forgotten that this lady has another life off cam.


I remember prom as one of the most awaited event in junior and senior year. Imagine all the ladies wearing short prom dresses and men in their formal attire just dancing and having fun all night. Many of my female classmates were planning for the big night—what to wear, where to buy and whom to go with.

I had my fair share of preparation as I went dress hunting for the red prom dresses along the streets and malls of Manila. My mom was supportive and we went from stalls to stalls trying this and that. There were a lot of styles to choose from and I have to take the best I had in mind because going around and back again can be really tiring and we were already exhausted from all the walking.  In the end, I was able to pick a pink gown with a petticoat underneath.  We had to have it repaired because it was long for me but all went well.

All those experience. Today, you can find cheap prom dresses without having to leave your home. A few click and scroll in your computer and you can get a loadsome of designs of prom dresses 2017. But in any case, you buy in store or online, the exhilarating feeling of trying them for the first time is indescribable. For many other people, Liza Soberano’s prom picture that went viral can be just a funny moment of the actress’ highschool days, for I bet, for Liza, it was one of the most memorable time of her life and she’ll be smiling every time she thinks about it.

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