The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

For years we have heard that successful entrepreneurs are mostly Type A personalities, but recent research has shown that many highly respected and ultra-successful entrepreneurs lean more towards being a Type B leader. If you are not familiar with these personality types defined in the 1950s, it’s time you examined the inherent traits in each type before embarking on your new venture as an entrepreneur.

Many of the similarities and differences are explained by Examined Existence, but when it comes to being an entrepreneur, you might be a bit shocked to learn that what was once thought to be the perfect personality type for an entrepreneur just might be a disadvantage some of the time. Here is a bit about the inherent characteristics of each and why both types have their strengths and weaknesses for entrepreneurs.

The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Let’s Make It Short and Sweet

If you were asked to define the difference between Type A and Type B personality traits, most people would respond that A personalities are the go getters. They are strong, energetic and totally concerned with social status. This means their drive to succeed knows no bounds. They are high achievers.

Type B personalities, on the other hand, are more laid back and conservative. They approach issues slowly and steadily. They are not too stressed over what others may think of them, consequently, they deal with issues from a more concentrated and patient approach.

Type A personalities get things done and they get them done NOW. Type B personalities take their sweet time getting things done only after a careful, well-thought-out approach.

Type A Traditionally Seen as Perfect for Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, Type A personalities have been seen as the perfect people to start companies and get them off the ground quickly. They have tireless ambition and are ready to make their mark on the world. Because they are likely to drive forward, full steam ahead, As have been labelled the perfect personalities to get a new venture off the ground running.

Type B Personalities Take the Easy Does It Approach

Type B personalities, on the other hand, are slower and much more methodical. When working with a team, this is actually a better personality type because As tend to be sharp and brusque. As leaders, they can be good if jobs need to be done yesterday, but in many cases they are sharp and brusque when speaking with others which often leaves a sour taste in mouths of team members who are trying to share their part of the puzzle.

Both Have Something to Learn from the Other

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, it could just be that a well-balanced blend of the two personality types makes for the best leader. Type A leaders can quickly organize and get things off the ground whereas Type B entrepreneurs see a bigger picture and are willing to delay progress just a bit to get it done right. When seeking to build brand with a solid customer base, it takes both the go-getter and the slow-but-sure approach.

In the end, the personality traits of a successful entrepreneur are a blend of the strengths in both types. Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You can learn from each other to meet somewhere in the middle – a combination of traits which make for the best, and most successful entrepreneur.


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  1. Joyce Blass

    I agree to this. All of us have our own ups and downs, strengths weaknesses. The thing that would make each one of us different from each other is how we deal with these strengths and weaknesses. This post is so insightful.
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  2. Albert Reza

    This is so on-point. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. What will make people wise is to know when and how to use them. Great read!

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