The Latest Trends in Weddings

The Latest Trends in Weddings

Are you getting ready to plan a wedding? Do you want it to reflect the most recent trends in weddings because you and your spouse-to-be are trendy and you want a modern affair that will be elegant and fun at the same time? Then continue reading for a look at some of the latest and greatest trends in wedding planning so that you can set up the perfect day to celebrate your love and life together.

Drone Wedding Photos

Drone wedding photos are great at capturing each and every angle of your big day. Make sure that you hire a photographer who has lots of experience operating a drone camera for the best results. These aerial photos are sure to be unique and breathtaking as they take in the scope of your ceremony and the gorgeous scenery of your outdoor event.

Rethinking Wedding Gowns

Forget traditional wedding gowns and go with something that is a lot more casual and playful instead. Look for wedding dresses that come as separates, as menswear-inspired pieces, and even as jumpsuits. For example, check out styles from DelphineManivet, Theia, and Houghton, who are all taking traditional bridal gowns and giving them a brand new look and a modern edge.


If these types of wedding dresses are a bit too much for your personal taste, though, you can still incorporate this trend into your big day by adding bold accessories, from ear cuffs and top hats, to lace gloves and more.

The Latest Colour Trends

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is a rich red hue, much like the colour of red wine. The colour is stylish, versatile, and sophisticated. It will look great on your bridesmaids, and it can be used throughout the seasons, especially when paired with complementary shades. For example, it can be used alongside a dusty blue shade for a really romantic and attractive theme. Or you can even pair Marsala with rose gold to make your event glamorous and rich.

When it comes to flowers, there are many that already come in this great colour naturally. Stick with peonies and dahlias, as a couple of lovely examples.

Sophistication is Key

Even though casual weddings were really trendy over the last few years, the key now is to create a wedding day that is centred around sophistication and white glove service. Incorporate things like champagne towers, dramatic entrances, and multi-tier cakes, as a few examples.

Even the wedding venue that you choose could easily boost the level of sophistication. Book a castle, as an example, to really go all-out. But even if you can’t afford a really extravagant venue, decorate the one you do book lavishly with the help of experts like

And, finally, when it comes to what to wear, you can go over the top as well. For example, the ladies can go with large white ball gowns and perhaps even a crown, while the grooms can don three-piece suits that are super fancy and stylish.

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