“Nakakamiss mag-aral.”

I used to hear those statement when I was in college from our graduates who would be visiting the school campus. I would be mesmerized by their tales of what kind of work they do, because in my mind, I want to start working already and practice my profession. I am excited about the opportunities that would await.

But as the tale goes, I would hear the statement from them.

“Sulitin niyo na yung panahon na nag-aaral kayo dahil hindi nyo na magagawa yan pag nagtatrabaho na kayo.”

I hear it a lot from different people back then. I didn’t realize until I started a full-time work that this is true.

I know working adults may already know the feeling. How most of our life revolves around work now. Where the regular eight-hour work seemed to be just a speck, and before we knew it, a year would past and we would look back at how our life went by.

How in a week, we could count the number of familiar faces we would meet, with the exceptions of those from work, and realize that we could count less than our five fingers or even none at all.

How we try to schedule meet-ups with our friends from college, highschool, or you name it, but we just can’t find the perfect date to match up with our working schedules.

How we try to catch up with each other through messengers, text messages, or phone calls, but still, we fail and even forget to reply back, or return calls. How we even have to schedule our phone calls to make sure that it would be the best time to call them and have a good conversation.

The Irony of Life as a Working Adult

We get to earn now, but at what purpose in our life?

I hope everyone would get to realize their “whys” of why they do what they do.

I am still on the process of knowing myself but I am positive that my life here at my work today has a purpose. Enjoying what you do is an important aspect, but if you don’t, I hope you keep your mind open to the possibilities. Your perspective about your position today can greatly influence at how you perceive your life.

To those who are experiencing these, know that you are alone and you can do it.

Finding life balance with your work may not be easy but you will get there.