The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

Probably you have heard of the Firmoo Crazy Giveaway which was supposed to happen yesterday, April 15, 2013 at exactly 9 PM EST. Firmoo Online Optical was supposed to giveaway 100 glasses for free + free shipping. They are also offering free tint for summer. To think about it, the prizes are really awesome especially if you are one of those who really need one.

Firmoo is also known to give some crazy giveaways to their fans. They really value their customers.

Firmoo Crazy Giveaway | The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

I was also one of those who tried my luck and waited. I went on their site but it was not loading. I tried again and refreshed my browser for how many times but no luck. In the end, I gave up. I blamed our connection. Maybe it was not fast enough.

I went to their Facebook page and realized that some, no, most people are experiencing the same problem. Firmoo also posted about the issue and told us that the server can’t handle all the people who visited the site at once. That was to be expected I guess. They promoted the giveaway and many bloggers have posted about it. End result, many people will try their luck like me.

Anyway, they found an alternative. It was actually a pretty fast decision. They acted fast regarding the matter. And it was solved fast, in an instant. They decided to just draw 50 fans on 15th and 16th to complete the 100 free glasses. It was really a good decision. All of their fans would still have the chance of winning. They just have to follow a simple set of instruction. And so, I did.

They have actually draw the first 50 fans for the 15th. You can check out the winners on their Facebook page.  It was an overwhelming list and guess what… I won. (^_^) I’m so happy. I have to send them a message within 7 days. I’m planning to send my details maybe tomorrow.

I’m eyeing these glasses by the way though I still don’t know what I should pick:

Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Glasses #CP6074 | The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Glasses #FZL1014 | The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

Can’t wait to get my hands on those precious glasses. Thanks Firmoo Online Optical.

Sure is, the giveaway ended up unexpected but it was worth it.

You still have the chance to win. Like them on their Facebook Page and comment on their post. Goodluck!

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