When I was younger, I admired many Disney characters like Cinderella and Belle. I still do today though, but I have to say my heart goes for Mulan and Pocahontas now. Part of the charms of these characters lies with them being princesses, and as a young kid, it was the ultimate dream–of becoming a princess.

As a princess, what caught my attention was that they always wear dresses. Being a princess then equals wearing dresses. As a child, wearing one was not a problem. It was actually really cute to wear one. But as years passes, and I grew older, being cute had to be phased out in my life to give way for being comfortable.

When You Can Dress for Comfort

Being an engineering student requires you to move around and go out every now and then. That is why, I learned to value the importance of a good pair of jeans. Nevertheless, I can’t shake off the feeling of longing to wear dresses.

The Euphoria of Wearing Dresses

Image by Leslie Duss

I attended a debut celebration the other week and for the longest time, I was able to wear a dress again. I was actually looking forward to that event for weeks prior to that because I knew that it would be the best excuse to wear a dress and discover exclusive dresses.

Ofcourse, I need not to wear a blue ball gown like Cinderella. Style has paved way for dresses to evolve and incorporate modern designs. Sites like annabelle fashion provides stylish and timely designs appropriate for all occasions. You can choose from maxi dresses, or midi dresses which doesn’t feel so tight and comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The feeling of wearing dresses is indeed fantastic. The euphoria is real. You may check out stylewe.reviews for more info regarding comfortable euphoratic dresses to choose from.