The Best Ways to Save Money When Remodelling Your Bedroom

The Best Ways to Save Money When Remodelling Your Bedroom

Decorating or redecorating the bedroom is a great way to revive a dated room, or give the room a new look, pop, and feel. If its been far too long since your room has seen a change, there are some ways to go about this process of changing things up, without having to spend more than your budget allows for.

1. DIY

Doing the work yourself is the best way to save. You can build your own bookshelves, build a headboard, new mirror frame, or even create custom borders or trims when repainting. It takes more time, but you greatly reduce the cost of hiring paid-for labour, and you have full creative control of the outcome.

2. Trade/swap it

If you have friends or family who want to change things up a bit, why not swap out items with them. Similar to the manner you would trade kids clothing (school, backpacks, shoes, etc) you can swap out furniture in your bedroom. A floor lamp, picture, or any other item will give your room a fresh vibe and look, for no cost whatsoever.

3. Rehash space

If you have “empty” space, use it! Spaces like under stair nooks, free space under the bed (where you can add drawers) or other hidden space in your room, allows you to not only add storage, but also add depth, character, and simply move a few things around in the room, so you can give it the fresh look it deserves.

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4. Paint

Yes, you will pay for paint, but it is far cheaper than new furniture or a new bed. And, a fresh coat of paint will give your room that new design, scenic view, and you can mix and match colours, to find what works best in the space.

Every homeowner is different, but these are some ways to go about redecorating a space, without breaking the budget. If you are unsure on how to do something DIY related I would recommend that you get in touch with a professional who can either provide some advice or complete the job for you. If you would like to get in touch with a tradesman or would like a quote on a job then is a great site to use. Myjobquote has some helpful guides and allows you to submit job quotes.


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    Very insightful, little bit of knowledge and advance planning can go a long way. Might I also add that setting up (and sticking to) a budget is very crucial.

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