Taking life into your own hands, making the way for your future is nobody else’s choice, you need to do what is best for you, your family, and give everyone in your care the quality of life they deserve.

For my husband and I this was trying out, loving, and implementing CBD oil into ours and our children’s lives when needed.

We initially began by taking CBD gummies, there are many varieties and versions of edibles some of which you can see here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/julesjazin/cbd-edibles/, and have slowly wandered onto new and wonderful products.

Our bathroom has topical creams and oils on the shelves, and my handbag always has a little miracle tub for those days when a stiff neck is just not going away. The effects are quick, and going through the week with significantly less pain if any in our joints and muscles is a lifestyle we can no longer live without.

Spreading the word.

Each time we go for lunch or dinner with our friends and they begin to wine about some ache or pain or the other my husband and I smile and look at each other, knowing exactly what the other is thinking. A signal lets him know that he has the floor for the conversation that will make them envious, but not for long.

You see, we have taken it upon ourselves to be what one would call an ‘ambassador’ for the CBD world, having done extensive research and trials with the various products, we come to our conclusions of what does and doesn’t work for us, and educate others on our findings.

People have thanked us for introducing them to CBD and this is all we can ask for, a pain-free, ache-free world. If you have delved into CBD and always on the hunt for a way to spread the good news, then go to this link and see a way to make that possible, turning your dream into a reality.

The world gets better with one change at a time, and paying it forward, you know how the old saying goes, ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’

Where CBD came from.

We may think that we know all there is about the hemp flower and how it came about, but actually, it has been around for longer than we realized, the first documented evidence dating back to as early as 2737BC.

A Chinese Emperor would infuse it into his tea (I can relate) and it would help him with not only his agonizing gout but his memory, the fogginess reduced and he was able to recollect events and information much clearer. The effects on the neuro system of the brain allowed for the pulses to be managed and regulated and thus a more quality working mind.

If you’ve made your cup of coffee and snuggled on the couch for a minutes break to yourself, then check out an article on the full life story of CBD, and how it was found in more recent years and began to revolutionize the way we approach ailments in a healthier, natural way.

We then discovered how, for the treatment of her menstrual cramps and painful periods, Queen Victoria had her CBD leaves and oil crushed together and massaged into the skin, something she claims to have changed her life.

CBD for animals.

The fact that when done correctly a CBD oil can be used for anyone, from elderly down to their great-grandchildren, and in the last decade or more, for the treatment of illness and issues in animals.

Pet owners claiming to have tried every recommendation and prescription under the sun still with no success gave CBD a try, and haven’t looked back. Stories of dogs getting their zest for life back, no more lying around the home in pain from stiff joints and inflammation.

Events such as Guy Fawkes night is no longer a cause for sleeping aids or medications, with CBD infused into their diets and meals, they have found the dog to be calmer, less anxiety, and happily enjoying the festivities along with everyone else. As it should be.

A product for the whole family, making memories together.

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