Top 5 Backpacks for You this 2014

Backpacks are one of the most important things you would be needing for school. It carries your notebooks, pencils, ballpens, papers and just everything you would be needing to survive…

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The Fetish for Coats

Coats and jackets are just some of the most popular outerwear during winter and on cold days. However, this kind of weather rarely happens in the Philippines. And the thing is, it’s already summer here in our country. That is why, although I have been wanting to get my hands on one of those precious piece, I know that having one would be unnecessary and would just be a waste of space in the closet.

However, having one or two would not hurt. We live in a world when fashion rule so just as long as we can handle it and create a style that would suit it, then, nothing else matters. We girls (and guys) are just great as that.

I already have a coat own which I bought from Romwe. It looks really cool, however, like what I have said, once worn, is really warm and that’s just making the heat triple in our place. But then, it’s good for party and night outs.

PU Panelled Black Peach Skin Coat | The Fetish for Coats

I have been also eyeing some of these lovelies. Here are just some of my picks. I’ve also linked on the images where you can buy them:


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Top Summer Accessories That Will Make You Stand Out

As I was reviewing my summer list, I noticed I haven’t done a post yet about summer accessories. So today, this post is dedicated about finding the right accessories for this summer 2012. If you have missed my summer list, then visit Best Glasses to Try for Summer, Top Summer Essentials, Top Shoe Picks for Summer, and Best Swimwear you Should Try for Summer.

Top Summer Accessories That Will Make You Stand Out | Azle 25 belt[Click the image if you want to buy the item]


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