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Sunday Spotlight: Kaigrafia.com

Here goes our third Sunday Spotlight. Today, I will introduce you to a pretty fashion blogger all well-known as Kai. She is the blogger behind Kaigrafia. Here it goes. How would you describe you and your blog? I seem to have a hard time answering questions like these. HAHA :) Cause I’m still in the process of knowing myself more. Here’s my answer to that: I am a simple girl who loves the simple things in life. I am fickle-minded about a lot of things and I tend to think about things a lot. I love singing, blogging and surfing the...


Sunday Spotlight: Rhea Bue

Sunday Spotlight Rhea Bue of Bebe-Doll.net

Ms. Rhea has moved to a new domain of her name, Rhea Bue. Expect more stylish post from her. What day today? It is Sunday everyone. Time for another Sunday Spotlight. For this day, I will feature the Rhea Bue of Bebe-Doll.net. Describe your blog. BEBE-DOLL.NET is my fashion and beauty blog. All of my looks, reviews, tutorials and inspirations are found in my blog. How do express your fashion style? I have a very “versatile” style because I don’t just stick to one “peg”/concept… I love to experiment with different styles and see which looks nice on me. What are the...


Sunday Spotlight: AllDolled-Up.info

Sunday Spotlight: Yesha of Alldolled-Up.info

Happy Sunday everyone! To make everything exciting in my blog, I have a new column you should watch out for. Every Sunday, I will feature a fashion blogger here at Remake Style and interview her to share you with her style and maybe give a few ups for fashion advice. I am officially calling it Sunday Spotlight. So for the first Sunday Spotlight, here is Yesha of AllDolled-Up.info. When did AllDolled-Up started? How did you come up with the idea of starting this blog? ALL DOLLED-UP started last April 2011. Since I love dolling up, fashion, makeup, girly stuff and...