Go Wild with Boots

Shoes have been one of the best armours of every girl in conquering the fashion scene. That is why some of them try to brainstorm for hours (and even days) before they could come up with the right pair that would suit their outfits.

One good thing about shoes is that they come in varieties of styles. A particular one which I like is boots. I just find them so wild and sexy and quite unique if you wear them in our country. Here is actually some good pairs I saw while scavenging stores.

Go Wild With Boots | 80% 20 "KIP" WEDGE BOOT

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Top School Wardrobe Staple

Classes are just around the corner, meaning, school, professors, assignments, projects and friends. It is not only time to buy back-to-school materials, but also time for a wardrobe change.

I used to think that maybe it would be better to study in a school where you can wear any civilian clothing, but now I would say, having uniforms is still the best. Imagine thinking everyday what you have to wear for the next day, and you have already used all the clothes you have. Wardrobe emergency!!!

Fret less. Here are the top wardrobe stable I believe could really help you on your fashion mishap.


Nothing could beat a good jean. You can always match it with any tops, or statement clothes, sandals, boots, pumps, slippers, name any footwear. Not only it is comfortable but will never go out of style.

Top School Wardrobe Staple | Back-To-School | HIGH KAI SKINNY JEAN


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