BeautyMNL Haul

October has been the craziest month of this semester. The deadlines, the requirements, the sleepless nights. My whole barkada and I even went to a number of overnights just to finish…

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Beauche Beauty Bar Soap Experience

Around January 2014, I experienced acne problems in my face. As a teenager, acne is a bad enemy. I was on my normal facial routine back then so I thought this acne would go away after sometime. To my dismay, they just spread. To make matters worse, they decided to play around my cheek and jawline area. I thought my facial cleanser is on the verge of its use so I thought of new options.

Beauty Bar Soap

One of my friends recommended Beauche Beauty Bar Soap when she saw I was having acne problem. She told me she had been using this product for two years now and I can see that it served her well. She has a smooth and fair complexion which I secretly admire, so when she shared her skin regimen, why not give it a try.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap | Beauche Review

Around that time, a Beauche International stall has just opened in a mall near our area. This mysterious timing has led me to finally try their product.


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Favordeal Jewelry Review: Bracelet and Ring Review

When it comes to matching out style pieces, one important thing to consider are the accessories. Especially when it comes to formal events, you have to find matching jewellery that could make you stand out.

A week ago, I received a parcel from, an online jewellery store based on China. They sell different kinds of jewelry, which includes rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces, hair accessories and others. And now, here’s a glimpse to some of their products.


Here I have a Fashion Hand-made Ladies’ Simple Leather Bracelets.

Favordeal Jewelry Review Part I: Bracelet and Ring Review | Fashion Hand-made Ladies' Simple Leather Bracelets

This bracelet may look simple but I believe this would look cool and chic if partnered with the right pieces. And to point out that this one is handmade, I love it twice. I really have the eye for handmade items you see.


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Chic Yet Handy: Mix n’ Match Candy Wallets Review

Classes is about to start again. Yup! On my part, our class will start on June 13, unlike those who started theirs on June 4. So maybe, I would be excuse if I blog my back-to-school preparation this late. (^_^)

So for this day, I would like to share to you this chic and handy wallet from Shy Shop. They call this Mix n’ Match Candy Wallet. This one I have here is pink and so fab, but actually, this Candy Wallet collection offers more than 40 color combinations. And not only that, you may ask them to make one using specific color combination which you pick yourself. Totally customized!

Chic Yet Handy: Mix n' Match Candy Wallets | Mix n’ Match Candy Wallet from Shy Shop


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