Remakestyle Revamp

It has been long. And something is new.

I now present to you my new layout. I made it just today because I’m getting tired of my previous layout and my taste have became so minimalistic. I have been searching and learning new things while customizing this new layout. Ofcourse, I have tried a few other layout before I settled on this one, and it was quite a headache because I am not a pro. but I am learning every minute.

The result of my hardwork.

Remakestyle Revamp New Layout Simplo


These past few days, I have been thinking of moving to Blogger. The real reason behind was because my disk space usage has exceeded already. I don’t upload the pictures in my blog here on my server and WordPress is not really that big to take up that much space. I know there might be something causing it. So, I tried to experiment.

If you have experienced this problem before, the same thing may have caused it.


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