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Bloggers United 7 Summer Fair

Prepare your awesome dress and get-ready shoes. The annual Bloggers United Bazaar is on its way to challenge your eyes (and pockets) for yet another fabulous collaboration with fashion and beauty brands to bring you the biggest fashion bazaar in the Philippines. What is Bloggers United? Bloggers United is a yearly bazaar in the Philippines that features the country’s top fashion and beauty bloggers. Due to consistent public demand among fashion and beauty enthusiasts alike, Blogger’s United has already made seven years of exciting and blog-worthy activities for aspiring women and ladies in the country. Refer here for larger resolution of...


Sunday Spotlight: Kaigrafia.com

Here goes our third Sunday Spotlight. Today, I will introduce you to a pretty fashion blogger all well-known as Kai. She is the blogger behind Kaigrafia. Here it goes. How would you describe you and your blog? I seem to have a hard time answering questions like these. HAHA :) Cause I’m still in the process of knowing myself more. Here’s my answer to that: I am a simple girl who loves the simple things in life. I am fickle-minded about a lot of things and I tend to think about things a lot. I love singing, blogging and surfing the...


Sunday Spotlight: Rhea Bue

Sunday Spotlight Rhea Bue of Bebe-Doll.net

Ms. Rhea has moved to a new domain of her name, Rhea Bue. Expect more stylish post from her. What day today? It is Sunday everyone. Time for another Sunday Spotlight. For this day, I will feature the Rhea Bue of Bebe-Doll.net. Describe your blog. BEBE-DOLL.NET is my fashion and beauty blog. All of my looks, reviews, tutorials and inspirations are found in my blog. How do express your fashion style? I have a very “versatile” style because I don’t just stick to one “peg”/concept… I love to experiment with different styles and see which looks nice on me. What are the...


Sunday Spotlight: AllDolled-Up.info

Sunday Spotlight: Yesha of Alldolled-Up.info

Happy Sunday everyone! To make everything exciting in my blog, I have a new column you should watch out for. Every Sunday, I will feature a fashion blogger here at Remake Style and interview her to share you with her style and maybe give a few ups for fashion advice. I am officially calling it Sunday Spotlight. So for the first Sunday Spotlight, here is Yesha of AllDolled-Up.info. When did AllDolled-Up started? How did you come up with the idea of starting this blog? ALL DOLLED-UP started last April 2011. Since I love dolling up, fashion, makeup, girly stuff and...


Candy Style Awards 2012

Fashion events. They give life to the fashion industry and more inspirations to every ladies and gentlemen around the globe. Last May 4, 2012, the first ever Candy Style Awards hosted by Candymag was held in Rockwell Tent Makati City. It was one exciting event where celebrities, personalities and fashion bloggers who gave inspirations to every teen  will receive their respected awards. Journey to Candy Style Awards Our place was really far from Rockwell Tent but since my friend and I wanted to be really present on this event, we made our choice. We just had to commute our way there. We...