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Top 5 Backpacks for You this 2014

Backpacks are one of the most important things you would be needing for school. It carries your notebooks, pencils, ballpens, papers and just everything you would be needing to survive the whole semester. When it comes to backpacks, you have a lot of choices. For those who are still looking for the perfect backpack for this school year, worry not. Here are the top 5 backpacks which could suit your character and style. Amerileather Urban Buckle flap Backpack If you are into vintage, this coffee backpack from Amerileather would be perfect for you. The color is just top notch and...


Top School Wardrobe Staple

Classes are just around the corner, meaning, school, professors, assignments, projects and friends. It is not only time to buy back-to-school materials, but also time for a wardrobe change. I used to think that maybe it would be better to study in a school where you can wear any civilian clothing, but now I would say, having uniforms is still the best. Imagine thinking everyday what you have to wear for the next day, and you have already used all the clothes you have. Wardrobe emergency!!! Fret less. Here are the top wardrobe stable I believe could really help you...


Best Shoes You Should Have for this Coming Back to School

April. May. Many students believe these months are their happiest days. I know how it feels. After 10 months of assignments, projects, and group works, who would not want enjoyment? Still, these days don’t last that long. June is just a matter of days ahead of us. For sure now, many students are preparing for their back to school materials and are buying this and that on their local stores. But aside from these materials, college students need to prepare their wardrobe. Yes, they have to prepare clothes and stuffs they would use. Not every school has a dress code....