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Night Routine for Your Face

Lying in the Field with Apples - beautiful faces

After a tiring day from the school, the only thing we would want to do at night is to lie down on bed and have a good night sleep. We are not only tired physically, but our skin is also stressed out after a long day of work. Dirt, oil, and other impurities caused by pollution are already trapped on your skin. This could cause problems like pimples, wrinkles, acne, and pre-mature aging of skin. As much as we would like to rest immediately, a more or less ten-minute night routine for your face won’t hurt. Cleanse your face. Use...


Basic Makeup Kit for Beginners

Finding out the basic tools for your makeup kit is essential especially when you are just starting out. You don’t want shredding a lot of money for something you are not sure of. When I was just starting wearing makeup, I too was sceptic. But with the help of my friends (specifically, my dormmates), I learned the trade. I am no professional though, however, for a fair share of the knowledge I learned through my experience, here are the key pieces in creating your own basic makeup kit. THE MAKEUP ESSENTIALS These essential items in your makeup kit are must-haves...


Looking Beautiful Equals Confidence

As the old saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty.” When wearing makeup, one would think that this saying would not apply anymore. Still, if you would try to reflect on the deeper meaning behind this, simplicity would mean a lot more than having a bare face and wearing white shirts. When I was in highschool, I used to think that those students, particularly those girls who want their lips red and put a lot of powder in their face were just maarte, who cared more about their face than their grades. But some of them still excelled in school and showed...


Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The transformation of someone with the use of makeup embodies different factors. One of maybe the most critical factors is the use of makeup brushes. I read a post about makeup once that the final output of makeup depends on the type of makeup brush used. Blending would be easier. Applying makeup would be simpler. While I was doing my usual blog hopping around the cyberspace, I stumbled upon this cool infographics which explains the different kinds of makeup brushes.


The Fetish for Coats

Coats and jackets are just some of the most popular outerwear during winter and on cold days. However, this kind of weather rarely happens in the Philippines. And the thing is, it’s already summer here in our country. That is why, although I have been wanting to get my hands on one of those precious piece, I know that having one would be unnecessary and would just be a waste of space in the closet. However, having one or two would not hurt. We live in a world when fashion rule so just as long as we can handle it...