Sunday Spotlight: Rhea Bue

Sunday Spotlight: Rhea Bue

Ms. Rhea has moved to a new domain of her name, Rhea Bue. Expect more stylish posts from her.

What day today? It is Sunday everyone. Time for another Sunday Spotlight. For this day, I will feature the Rhea Bue of

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of
Sunday Spotlight Rhea Bue of

Describe your blog.

BEBE-DOLL.NET is my fashion and beauty blog. All of my looks, reviews, tutorials and inspirations are found in my blog.

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

How do express your fashion style?

I have a very “versatile” style because I don’t just stick to one “peg”/concept… I love to experiment with different styles and see which looks nice on me.

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

What are the two pieces you can’t live without? Why?

I can’t live without good pair of shoes and a sweater. Shoes has been my biggest fashion indulgence and I must say that I invest more on shoes. In my opinion, a good pair of shoes always make your looks look more attractive even if you’re on a simple outfit. (It brings the best out of you!) Now for the sweater, I have a cold intolerance which makes me easily feel cold. So I can’t really leave the house without my sweater. :)

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

Who is your fashion icon? How did he/she influenced your style?

I’ve got more than one fashion icon. Considering the sudden increase of the fashion bloggers population, there’s a lot to choose from! I even get influenced by ordinary fashion bloggers because I believe that all of them (big or small) has a unique style and I really appreciate them.

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

What would you like to tell to those aspiring fashion bloggers?

Never be afraid to try and explore new things. Embrace change if it’s for a good reason. Always get inspired by people no matter how big or small they are. Be confident with yourself as this is the key to success in every fashion blogger.

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

What would you like to ask to the next Sunday Spotlight blogger?

Who inspired you to be who you are today? :)

Sunday Spotlight #2 at | Ms. Rhea Bue of

Ms. Rhea is also the blogger behind If you love her style, follow her at Lookbook @iamthedoll.


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  1. ox~missBEBEdoll~xo

    yey!!! :D thank you so much for the feature sis! <3 love it :D

    1. Marinella

      No problem. I love you style anyway.

  2. Triah

    I have been reading Ate Rhea's blog when it wasn`t yet a fashion blog. and I can say that she really is inspiring for her confidence :) Great change! ;D

    1. Marinella

      That must be cool. :) She's really inspiring.

    2. Mavrick

      What a joy to find such clear thkinnig. Thanks for posting!

  3. vhine

    Ate Rhea is always look stunning in her picture. I always admire her fashion sense. It was a great interview anyway. :)

    1. Marinella

      Thanks. I enjoyed doing it with her.

  4. vhine

    i reallt y love ate rhea, her fashion sense always stands out. i also featured her at my blog. I really admire her lines of clothings. i do hope i could have one too. :) i'm a shirt +jeans kind of gal you know. hehe

    1. Marinella

      Right sis. I am more of jeans and shirt gal too but I am exploring my options. :)

  5. jenjen

    I love their styles!

    1. Marinella

      I love them too. :)

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