Start Your New Year Out Right

Mistletoe - Start Your New Year Out Right

December is here and that means the new year is right around the corner. You may already be thinking of ways to make 2020 the best year ever. To avoid being overwhelmed, focus on one area at a time. Choose just a few small changes you will be able to sustain, and your efforts will be rewarded.

Mistletoe - Start Your New Year Out Right


Make your house a home you love. If your space is cluttered, purge unneeded items. If your home is too bare, take a decorating course. You don’t have to remake the whole place at once. Focus on three key areas: what you see when you walk in the door, the main living space, and your bedroom. Once you accomplish the initial transformation, commit to keeping it up by finding residential cleaning olney md services. Having help even once a month can enable you maintain the changes even when you get busy.


Endless volumes have been written about romantic relationships, but not all of it is great advice. Successful, happy couples follow certain basic principles like commitment, respect, openness, trust and healthy boundaries—but you and your partner need to find your own balance. Remember to nurture your connections with other friends and family, too. Make room for people who bring positivity and inspiration to your life.


It may seem cliché to add a money resolution to your list, but there are sound reasons to do so. Year-end spending summaries and bank statements can help you see where your money has really gone over the past year. Set a financial goal or two and you can redirect funds to more effectively achieve those goals. Resist the temptation to simply say you want to save more. Instead, tie a specific dollar amount to a truly motivating target like a trip and develop a strategy to achieve that amount. If you know a windfall is on the horizon, such as a tax refund or work bonus, invest half but allow yourself to spend the other half on something truly special.

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