Spring in the Philippines

Spring in the Philippines

Spring season in North America already started last Thursday, March 20, 2014. Blogs and channels in Youtube have already updated their tabs about their spring hauls and spring must-haves. However, in the Philippines, life continues.

Spring Season in the Philippines

The dry heat and blazing sun. Spring should somehow bring refreshing air but not now in tropical countries like the Philippines. So, do we have spring in the Philippines?

Spring in the Philippines

Spring means “tag-sibol” when translated in Tagalog. It means regrowth. You probably have the idea that there are four main seasons—spring, summer, winter and fall. However, in tropical countries like the Philippines, we only have two seasons—the dry and rainy season.

Dry season is from December to May, while rainy season is from June to November. Since the Earth revolves and rotates, different countries experiences different season on a certain time of a year. For this instance, when the Northern Hemisphere celebrates spring, we on the other hand are on our way to summer. (I can hear Olaf singing “In Summer”)

Unofficially Spring

Although we don’t really have spring in the Philippines, it feels like spring is just around the corner this time of the year. The clothes we wear, the colors we pick, the accessories we use—it feels so spring. Fashion is eternal—it’s not just seasonal. It’s unofficially spring in the Philippines right now.

Thought for the Day

For those who are enjoying spring season, how does it feel? Comment down below and share us your story.


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  1. Deborah

    Hi dear! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Here in Argentina, as we are in the South Pole, Fall is beginning (what a crazy world, isn’t it?) and it feels weird too because it’s exactly the opposite! But I’m used to it already ;)
    You’re welcome in my blog anytime! Keep in touch :)


    1. Mary

      I would. Thanks. On the other hand, it’s already summer here in my country.

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