RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Chic Fashion Giveaway

RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Chic Fashion Giveaway

We survived the first month of classes. So great! I’m sure that some of you are still trying to adapt in their new environment and some are just too happy to see their friends again. Well, we still have a long way to go. Nonetheless, here is a great way to reward yourself for your month long survival in this school year.

RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Chic Fashion Giveaway

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Eazy Fashion. We actually have some chic fashion accessories at stake, so let’s not make the wait anymore longer.

For the prizes we have two chic accessories that I’m sure you would love.


This Chic Leopard Shades is really cool and very stylish. You can just rock the scene and still look sweet while wearing this.

Chic Leopard Shades Sunglasses

This glamour Sophisticated Pearl with Rhinestone Bracelet is also part of the steal in this giveaway. It looks undoubtedly classy right.

Sophisticated Pearl with Rhinestone Bracelet

Let’s go for the mechanics. I am just warning you, read everything carefully because I do check every entries specially the mandatory ones. Those who do not follow the instructions and do not do the required entries are automatically disqualified from this giveaway. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and put your entries in the Rafflecopter below.

Complete the mandatory entries to qualify for this giveaway.


Here are the required tasks for this giveaway. Do all the listed task to qualify in this giveaway. Then put your entries in the Rafflecopter below. And by the way, for more chance of winning, we have additional entries below.

NOTE: When you register in Eazy Fashion website, put “” in the “Where Did You Hear About Us” section.


The winner should post a picture of herself holding/wearing the item. (They should send the picture 2-3 days upon receiving the package.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Giveaway runs from July 9 to July 26, 2013. Open to Philippine residents only.



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  1. sherry ann gole cruz

    i want to win this coz i love accessories from eazy fashion,it can change ur outfit :)

    1. sherry ann gole cruz

      sherry ann

  2. Jean Cleofe

    Love to win one of those. :)

  3. Louise Ito

    I want to win this giveaway because people often tell me I look like a cat and I think I will look like a cat even more with this leopard shades. It’s a fab thing to have in one’s closet plus the sophisticated looking bracelet :)

  4. annalyn b delacruz

    I would really love to win the Chic Leopard Shades coz this is super cool and at the same time very stylish.

    name: Annalyn Dela Cruz

  5. Aysen Achurra Asuero

    I want to win this giveaway because I love collecting sunglasses and accessories. Hope to win! *crossed fingers* :)

  6. Kisa Labrague

    It would be so nice to own that classy shades and bracelet :)
    The chic leopard shades will gonna be my every-sunny-day-buddy since my working schedule is midshift(starts around12 noon) and I’m traveling from home to work for almost 2 hours everyday.

    I also love exploring places – Beaches and city walks.

    the bracelet is divine! I’ll gonna use it when I have dinner date :)

  7. Reina

    Name: Feather Mist

    Since I started working, I also began collecting accessories that will go well with my work wear. I’d really love to win this giveaway. I’m setting my eyes on the bracelet.

  8. arra odeza

    i want to win cause i could pair the accessories whenever i go to church or travel with my daughter and my hubby

    arra odeza

  9. Yvane

    I find these really vintage and classy, especially the sunglasses! I want these, since I’ve never found anything like it so far out there in the stores :( Please let me have this! :)

  10. Janice Que

    I would love to win this giveaway because I am a fashionista and these beautiful accessories will surely spice up my looks! :D

  11. Jessamer Abing

    Jessamer Abing
    I would love to win this coz that shades is very gorg!

  12. Philippines fashion shop

    I just joined. Hope I win this one :D

  13. I am really a fan of Eazy Fashion, in fact I had a review about them.:D I love their items, it’s cute, affordable and of high quality. I wanna win in this giveaway because I want to add the items on my Eazy Fashion collection ;)

  14. Mica Ella P. de Jesus

    I want to win because the prizes are so gorg that I want to add it on my OOTD. :)

  15. Jennylyn Bautista

    because really like the prize..:))

  16. Joy Merced

    Beautiful items, i would definiely love to own!

  17. Mai Decena

    Its very chic & I love the style… :)

  18. Clarinda Santiago

    I wanna win these because I want to look fab & glamorous!!

  19. Clarinda Santiago

    I wanna win these to look fab & Glamorous! Clarinda Santiago / Claire Pajarillo Santiago

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