Puma Solange: The Search for the Perfect Sneaker Design

Puma Solange: The Search for the Perfect Sneaker Design

Wearing sneakers was understated to some fashionistas. Little did they know, that having one, is an essential part of living. Can you really wear rubber shoes with style? That has been the question to most of us.

Wearing Sneakers

Most people have worn sneakers in highschool. PE, school–it is really the most comfortable shoes out there. But as time passes, we realize that sneaker shoes are becoming old for us. We started shifting our attention to the latest, though probably not the most comfy option—heels. They are stylish, comes with different designs, and yes, they make you look smart.

Puma X Solange Collection - Puma Solange by Solange Knowles
Image by Saint Heron

However, there are times when you have to choose the better option—sneakers. When you want to have an all-out fun and want to go strolling then mall shopping at once.  Or when you are in a concert and you have to stand for more than 3 hours to watch your favorite artist live. Situations like this require you to choose comfort.

Puma Solange

For the same reasons above, I started searching for good sneakers. I am trying to be practical and thinking of a good running but stylish shoes. They have the perfect support for any activities that may strain the feet.

I was really eyeing Ultraboost from Adidas. But I still want alternatives just in case. That was when I stumbled upon Puma Solange.

Most sneakers I have seen are so plain and come only with one to two shades. Puma Solange comes with multiple tones.

Here are actually two Puma Solange designs I’ve been eyeing for.

The first one is really a nice pair. It comes is variety of colors and I think it is the eye-catching type. I’ve wanted to try experimenting with my style so I think this could be the perfect pair.

Puma Solange - Puma X Solange Wild Wonders Collection
Image from pys

This one is monotone. Quite simple but really easy to go with any clothes. I like this one above the other, but I have the shoes with the same color. I thought I should try doing a good investing

Puma Solange XT2 - Puma x Solange Trinomic Joggers
Image from tacochicks

I’m still thinking of what sneakers to buy. What do you think is a better pair? I hope you could help me.


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