Personalized Fashionable Gifts for the College Graduate

Graduation Day

Graduation is almost here and students are looking forward to being free from all that homework, late night cram sessions and stress over finals. They may be excited but what about you? Have you chosen the perfect graduation gift to give that special lady in your life? Maybe it’s your daughter, your girlfriend, a niece, sister or BFF, but you want it to be a special gift that will be cherished, yet meaningful. Why not order a personalized gift that would be special to her and unlike anything her friends may have? You might want to consider one of the following ideas when trying to pick the perfect graduation gift to give at that long awaited graduation party.

Graduation Day
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Engraved Jewelry

There are a number of lovely charms and pendants which can easily be engraved with a tiny special message for good luck in her future or simply with her initials. Some people like to have the date of graduation engraved on the back of a charm or sometimes the name of the college as well. Depending on the size and the type of jewelry, you could have almost anything symbolic engraved and this would make it a one of a kind piece to be remembered always.

Monogrammed Handbags

The end of an academic career signals the beginning of a new journey into the workplace. Unless the college grad is going to be doing post-grad work, she will be walking out those doors for the very last time. One really nice gift idea would be to order a beautiful monogram clutch that she would be carrying with her on job interviews and to work when she lands the perfect job. Nothing is classier than a monogrammed handbag and it is special to her as those are her initials telling her how very special she is and how proud you are of her for working so hard to get to this important day.

Pen & Pencil Set

Another great gift idea is to buy a pen and pencil set which can also be engraved. Most people choose to have the graduation date on the pen and the graduate’s name on the pencil or vice versa. This will keep it fresh in her mind as she uses these writing utensils and will remind her often of those days when she struggled to get the degree that brought her to this point in her life. These are especially fashionable in the workplace and whenever she picks one up she’ll fondly remember her college years and the person who was thoughtful enough to give such a meaningful gift.

Graduation is a big day in the life of someone who worked so hard to make it through all those years of study, many of which were spent behind books while others their age were out having the time of their lives. They are now approaching a new era in their adult lives and must think about what they are going to do next and how they will spend the rest of their lives. By giving a personalized fashionable gift you are telling her that you are proud of her efforts and that she is even more special than the gift you have chosen. Make it one she will treasure as she looks back with a sense of pride in her accomplishments.

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