Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas

Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas

The purpose of giving gifts at a wedding is so that the newlyweds can have a smooth start to their life together. Gifts are a way of appreciating the honor the couple gave you by inviting you to their wedding.

Find the perfect wedding gift is a careful balancing act between not breaking the bank and finding a valuable gift that the couples will find handy and useful. It can be difficult if you don’t know the couple’s preferences and what other guests have pledged to deliver. You don’t want the gift you spent your time and money choosing being stored in the basement since the couple can’t find any use for it, or worse, it being given away.

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Below are some of the perfect wedding gift ideas.

Buy a practical item

Your safest bet in buying a wedding gift is to go for the everyday practical items that the couple might find some use for in their daily lives. Most common yet important household goods like dish strainers, rags, and carpets, iron boxes, etc., are often overlooked by wedding guests seeking unique gifts.

You can take advantage of this oversight to buy the minor household items which the bride and the groom might even forget themselves to purchase. Most of these items don’t cost that much and can be affordable with an average budget. Even if they don’t find some use for them immediately, these items get easily damaged or lost, and replacements are frequently needed.

Pool your resources

If, say, a mutual friend is having his or her wedding, you can pool your resources together with your other friends and give them one memorable expensive gift. You can come together and find the cost of a bug ticket gift like furnishing their house, or paying their rent or even buying the wedding couple a car. You can then equally bear the cost of such items and deliver it as a team.

Enquire if they have a gift registry

Nowadays, most couples set up a database of the list of items they prefer on sites such as our wishing well which besides weddings, also offers a safe way to provide gifts for all other occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Most of the time if a couple has set up a gift registry, the contacts and location of the stores on the registry will be included on the invitation card. Some couples, however, find it impolite to suggest to guests what they should bring to their wedding. Therefore if you want to deliver a truly perfect gift, you should ask them if they have set up one.

Since they would have put careful consideration and time into crafting that list, there are higher chances of you giving them a gift of something they will require in their new home. This is particularly so because once an item on the registry is bought, the store cancels it, and it is no longer available for purchase.

It should not, however, limit you to the gifts you can bring to a wedding. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with unforgettable gifts for the newlyweds.


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