5 Must-Have Items This Fall For Your Living Room

Stone Planters and Succulents

Fall is here, and it’s time to rethink your interior decor. Making simple changes in your living room can create a warm, inviting, and trendy space to get you through the cold months ahead. Here are the five must-have items to decorate your living room this fall. Jewel-Toned Accent Pillows Jewel tones are a huge trend this fall season. Shades of peacock blue, emerald green, plum, and fuchsia are making a bold statement and creating an aura of elegance wherever they’re incorporated. To take part in this trend, grab some jewel-toned accent pillows. These simple accessories make a huge impact...


Things to Consider When Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex

Every watch lover or collector dreams of owning a Rolex. The brand produces watches that are not only gorgeous but accurate and durable as well. Rolex has for more than a century been a key player in the luxury watch market. The brand releases valuable timepieces that are packed with exceptional features and crafted from the best quality material. Given the reputation of the brand and the quality of watches it produces, its products are pretty expensive, a fact that makes owning a Rolex rather challenging. You can however own a Rolex without having to dig deep in your pocket...


Tips To Finding Love on Transgender Dating Sites

Finding love can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are a tranny. With the technology these days, you can just log in to various online dating sites and find someone you can share your life with. Even at this, it is still difficult for people of other genders rather than male or female to find love. However, there are many online dating sites for transgender people now available. This has made it easier for the people of this gender group to interact freely and find their soulmates. You only need to have an awesome profile and before you know it,...


3 Unique Gifts for Standout Employees

Incentivizing employees can be a great way to encourage hard work and productivity among your staff. If you are ever wondering what to buy for your top-performing employees, besides the standard bouquet of flowers or restaurant gift certificate, here are some wonderful ideas. Treat Them to a Mental Health Day There has been an increasing spotlight on employee mental health in recent years. As studies have found, mental health is a large indicator of employee productivity and workplace happiness. It is important to remind employees that mental health is just as important as physical health. Offering a fully-paid mental health...


The Irony of Life as a Working Young Adult

The Irony of Life as a Working Adult

“Nakakamiss mag-aral.” I used to hear those statement when I was in college from our graduates who would be visiting the school campus. I would be mesmerized by their tales of what kind of work they do, because in my mind, I want to start working already and practice my profession. I am excited about the opportunities that would await. But as the tale goes, I would hear the statement from them. “Sulitin niyo na yung panahon na nag-aaral kayo dahil hindi nyo na magagawa yan pag nagtatrabaho na kayo.” I hear it a lot from different people back then....