Online Jewellery Shopping: The Way to Find An Antique Engagement Ring

Shopping for engagement rings online offers the customer a fresh, unique, contemporary way to find truly the most beautiful one available. The perks are extensive!

Online Jewellery Shopping: The Way to Find An Antique Engagement Ring
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At an estate sale a couple of weeks ago, a beautiful formal antique China service for 16 was featured. The pattern was unique, and initially, the dealer could not find its name anywhere in his usual resources. The family of the deceased had no idea: It had always been in the cabinet, and, it had never been used, at least, not by them. He identified it as post World War I, but pre-World War II. Surely, he thought, it was wedding china. A more tenacious search yielded a big reveal: it was a pattern exclusively designed for a jewellery store. Apparently, there was a time when buying jewellery was a combination of investment, reward, renewal, and, of course, engagement. But what the estate sale dealer realized was that it was also a social and formal meeting, where the jewellery probably served tea and then brought pieces to the buyer to consider.

The Ease of Online

At first blush, the idea of being served (both food and possible wares) may seem elegant, but the actuality of having to falsely coo over pieces or wave them away is too time consuming and energy draining. Luckily, today there are shops like Kalmar Antiques, whose expert sales staff are happy to tell customers, “visit our online store.”

The Very Definition of Privacy

By shopping in the privacy on your own device (desktop, laptop, notebook, table, or smartphone) at your home, office, car, train or for some, church, you can look at an item for as long as you like or scroll past things that don’t spark your interest. By shopping online, you don’t have to look at pieces the shop is trying to move. You look for what you want and compare and contrast and decide.

Peppered With Perks

If you have Internet service or Wi-Fi on your data plan, and a readily available method of payment accepted online, you are “in.”


Shopping online is convenience defined. No matter what time of day or night it is, you are no longer a slave to shop hours and driving distance.

Easy Peasy

In addition to the aforementioned ease, privacy, convenience, and accommodation to your schedule, shopping for stunning antique engagement rings by Kalmar Antiques could not be easier. Rings are beautifully and carefully photographed so customers can get a crystal clear image of what the item looks like from various angles.

Ready for Your Close-up?

Photographs are also designed in such a way that the online angle is preferable to in-person detail.  Viewing online photographs of antique engagement rings offers potential buyers a magnified view of the items, and one that cannot be duplicated or bested by viewing through a magnifying glass or loop.

Search Simplified

At Kalmar Antiques, you can utilize the super simple “Filter by Price,” thus offering you only stock that is within your price range. You can do a general search, through the website’s Search box. Alternately, there are product categories, thus allowing you to further narrow your search.

Kalmar Has an Era For You

Further definition is offered to customers through sub-categories, dividing engagement rings into eras, as well as by metals, diamonds, and other precious gemstones. This means if you would like an Art Deco-era diamond engagement ring, you can easily find it at Kalmar. If you are looking for a ring that features not only diamonds, but either sapphires, emeralds or rubies, you can also find it at Kalmar.

Your Wish is Their Command

One of the most convenient, practical, and brilliant elements of the Kalmar website is the “Add to Wishlist.” If your fiancé is already aware that her ring is on its way, you can actually share the website information with her, encourage her to go online, and choose, via the “Add to Wishlist” feature, rings she loves. There’s still an element of surprise – she won’t know which one you’re going to choose!

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Not only can you order online, the item will subsequently be delivered to your home or office (notable for those who are interested in a genuine “surprise”).

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  1. Shopping for rings online can certainly be tricky, especially if you’re trying to keep the proposal a secret. However, if it’s mutually understood that it’s just a matter of when, not a matter of if, then you mention a great idea of having them pick a few different rings so that you can surprise her by picking one of those, or working off of her selections to find one that is similar in style.

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  3. Thanks for telling me that shopping online can let me compare and contrast my options before deciding. My sister mentioned that she wants to wear an EMF protection ring and now I’m looking for rings that are for sale online. I’ll follow your advice and check different websites just in case the prices and reviews are different.

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