New Layout: Shades of Brown

New Layout: Shades of Brown

Yaay! I have a new layout. Yup I did change my layout yesterday, May 20, 2012. I don’t know what happened (if it is a bug or anything—coding, css, html). But I really liked this new layout.

Yes, I like brown. If you have visited my personal blog at PixieChronicle, its layout has brown palette. That is how much I love this colour. So, what can you say? This post is open for any comments.

RemakeStyle New Layout - Shades of Brown

What can you say of my new layout?


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  1. Deann

    Yay! For the new layout I remember my first theme. It's just plain brown and white. XD

    1. Marinella

      My first theme in my first blog was from Blogskins. The skins really simple and cute as well and I love it the way it was.

    1. Marinella

      Thanks! I had fun doing it. :)

  2. jenjenbalatico

    I love this layout you did :)

    1. Marinella

      Thank you! I had fun doing it.

  3. Ricalyn

    i m also a fan of brown and your layout is simply amazing.:)

    1. Marinella

      Thanks for the compliment.

  4. april

    nice :)

    1. Marinella


  5. Crysy

    I love how it looks, so simple and natural and refreshing to the eyes. ;)

    1. Marinella

      I would agree with what you said. :)

  6. Analyn Alonsagay

    I like how its just so light, not too dark ;)

    1. Marinella

      Agreed much.

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