Having a clear and pimple-free skin is probably the goal of every women. Unfortunately, there are those time when fate put us into situation wherein we could have the worst day for our face. These situations make us try products which we think would help us conquer these problems. This same reason made me try Beauche Beauty Bar Soap.

This post would be mostly about my initial experience about using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap from Beauche International. These includes the beauty regimen I followed when I started using it, the initial reactions my face had and my conclusion with this attempt. This initial use and reactions is based on a month of using this product.

I used this Beauche product for more or less nine (9) months. I made this to share my initial experience with those who want to use it and are using it but doubting whether to use it continuously. To be clear, this is not my whole story about using the Beauche line. This was just my beginning.


I actually made a post about my Beauche Beauty Bar Soap experience in general. This includes the reactions my face had after months of using it. It was still not the whole of it but there was improvement in it.

Beauty Regimen with Beauche

I started trying out Beauche Beauty Bar soap because I developed pimples around my jawline and cheek area. My face wash before was Clean and Clear Facial Wash. I gave it a few weeks more when my breakout started but unfortunately, it was not working anymore. That was when I decided to try and find the best cleanser for acne.

A friend of mine whom had a very smooth and fair skin recommended to me Beauche. That was when I told myself, why not give it a try. Here was my beauty regimen when I first tried Beauche:

  • Cleanse face using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap.
  • Tone out usingĀ Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser.

I never used moisturizer. I have read somewhere that this kind of product dries out skin and that’s what help removes the pimple. I had the worst idea that not using moisturizer will help this facial soap do its job. Please do not follow my example. Always use moisturizer after cleansing your face.

Initial Reaction

I know trying out a new product would have its toll. And I have never used a soap as facial cleanser before. But then, the face wash I was using was not working anymore. So I decided to try this face wash for acne, and here are the initial reactions of using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap:

Stinging on the Face

First things first. The moment I applied this face soap, my face was badly stinging. I already expected that this would happen. It was included in the brochure I got from Beauche along with other reactions I might encounter if I opt to use it. I had to stand in front of a fan just to help alleviate the sensation.

Redness on my Face

The stinging cooled down after a while. That was when I noticed that my face was really red. Really red–and I mean it. I looked red as tomato. Good thing it was night and I was inside the house. My face went back to normal after maybe half an hour.

Tightening of my Skin

This was probably the best initial reaction I had. My skin felt so tight. Have you ever tried putting the egg whites on your face before. It was as tight as that. Unfortunately, in the long run, it didn’t felt as tight as this initial one.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap

Reactions after a Month of Using Beauche Soap

The three above were the initial reaction on my face on my first night after using this face wash for acne. The following were those reactions I had after a month of using it.

Dryness of my face

I had the worst case of dryness. I have to say that this was probably because I refrained from using moisturizer after using a drying soap like Beauche and toner from Eskinol. My face was flaky and it was evident that it was dry. I became more conscious of my face as a result.

Redness of my Face

You don’t get to ONLY experience it after using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. My face became red EVERYTIME it was hot and I go outside the house. When I get teased by my friends about something and I flush, my whole face will go red. Again, it was an obvious case.

Appearance of more pimples

I was warned. More pimples will appear after using the product. They say the case was that it was the purging state of our face and impurities must be removed first and that would only happen by going through this face. It was awful. It was the part when most people would say that this product made their face worst. Because it did.

In my case, my face became worst. But I accepted it because I have to go through this phase as part of the system.

As I said, it was not the whole of it. I have a better skin now to tell you. Unfortunately, the initial reactions of my skin to Beauche were not just really good. But then, those were the phase one has to go through if they plan on using this product. I found a routine which worked for me and now my skin is better than ever.

If you experienced any of those reactions, I hope you can share you stories below. If you want to hear more about my experience AFTER 9 MONTHS of using Beauche products, just tell me.

Stay tuned on my new post about this product.

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