There’s a lot that goes into a beauty routine. I know my personal routine can add an extra hour of time to morning routine, so I have to plan accordingly. I also know that the older I get, this morning routine takes a lot longer. Blame it on my slow moving limbs, lack of hand-eye coordination to get my contour just right, but realistically, it’s just because like everything in this world, I am getting older. *Sigh.

Massaging your Beauty Routine: How a Massage Can Save You Time and Money

Recently, I have been looking for alternatives to traditional beauty tricks to help remedy my crows feet, the bags under my eyes that let the world know I am a new parent, my newly found oily skin, and dry hair thanks to the many, many years of styling and coloring. Upon my research of all things beauty tips and tricks I stumbled upon something that had never occurred to me as being a must-do beauty regime: massage.

Play along with me if you will… Let’s say you live somewhere where the elements are a little less than friendly. We can use Milwaukee since I just recently played this beautiful place a visit for a friend’s wedding. Anyways, the winters alone can do years of damage, especially on your skin. There’s only so much moisturizer in the world that can fix cracked hand, but did you know that a massage can help dry skin, too? It’s true! Your skin will produce natural oils as a result of the direct contact. Massages and therapeutic body treatments don’t just pamper and relieve stress – they help improve circulation which enhances your skin’s glow.

Another benefit? Hair growth! Yes, it’s true. Rejuvenate your hair from reverse the damage from all those years of straightening and coloring with a scalp massage, which promotes hair health.

Weight loss and improved sleep are also a side effect of massages. Just think, if you take the time to budget accordingly, your wallet and your schedule will thank you. Plus, you get to enjoy a monthly massage and I’ve never heard anyone complain about that!

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