Mad Lady Shop

Mad Lady Shop

Mad Lady Shop

It has been some time guys! I have been addicted on browsing different online fashion shops these past few days. While I’m on one my usual shop hopping, I stumbled upon Mad Lady. It’s a Swedish brand that offers variety of trendy and unique accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, tribalia, and stockings. I have been browsing their selection for a while now and I have seen many pieces that I totally feel in love with and I had already added them on my wishlist. Here are some of my faves:

Mad Lady Shop | Indian Style Feather Earrings

Mad Lady Shop | Long Wing NecklaceMad Lady Shop | Peacock Earrings

As you can see, I am more into feather accessories lately and when I saw these cool accessories, I was like “wow”. The products look neat and chic and they have pieces which I can use for my future outfits. There are also varieties of prices that could suit the budget of the consumers. If you are curious, then drop on Mad Lady shop and happy browsing.


Mary is a millennial who works as a part-time freelance writer. She's trying to realize more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle while learning Spanish on her vacant times.

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  1. kryk

    kyaaa~ you are seriously into girly stuffs!
    i think i can never be as girly as you lol. :)
    hindi ko kase maappreciate yung ganitong accessories.
    actually most of the accessories. haha :>
    even just a simple bracelet T______T

    1. Marinella

      Haha! I just have the eye for those stuffs. I'm not really as girly as what you are thinking. Anyway, we have out own reasons of choosing what stuffs to wear. :)

  2. Bambi Isidro Jimenez

    I like this post because I'm into shop hopping myself. Although I don't blog about it. Just reading your post makes me want to visit Mad Lady. Salute!

    1. Marinella

      Yay! Thanks for the compliment. Just continue visiting to receive more shopping posts.

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