Looking Beautiful Equals Confidence

As the old saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty.” When wearing makeup, one would think that this saying would not apply anymore. Still, if you would try to reflect on the deeper meaning behind this, simplicity would mean a lot more than having a bare face and wearing white shirts.

Makeup Collection

When I was in highschool, I used to think that those students, particularly those girls who want their lips red and put a lot of powder in their face were just maarte, who cared more about their face than their grades. But some of them still excelled in school and showed talent in other fields.

And here comes college, where my perspective saw a different light. On my first acquaintance party, my dormmates groomed me (and I was so happy they did). They helped me pick some good clothes and they put makeup on my face. I literally felt beautiful that night. It was life changing.

That same night, I realized that looking beautiful and feeling beautiful can give a real boost on one’s confidence. It could make one feel free and strong and make anything possible.

Maybe you would think that I may be exaggerating but then, I became more open-minded after that time. Yes, I may have started putting some color on my lips, and concealing scars on my face–I may have changed. But I am still me, only better.

There is nothing wrong with trying to look beautiful and putting on makeup but just always keep in mind to keep it right and fit for the day or occasion.

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